Introducing myProject Nollywood; Re-inventing Nollywood and Entertainment


Last weekend, I had the chance to put on the Spotlight, Victor Akeze, Founder of we both agreed on one thing, it’s time to showcase (Africa especially Nigerian entertainment industry)and bring it to a level where they can compete with the other two bigger industries like Hollywood and Bollywood.

Together with his Co-Founder Matthias Okala, they have built a unique platform to fund and collaborate on everything entertainment for Africans all over the world.

myProject Nollywood is truly a unique undertaking from someone whose taste and passion for movies, and most especially, a good story is undoubtedly the sole reason he started this project and to allow people like me and you, fund projects we want to see hit the big and small screens.  Don’t be fooled, this project isn’t just about movies, it about entertainment in general which includes supporting music, theatre art, stand-up comedy and you name it.

In a nutshell, myProject Nollywood is an idea and talent incubator that provides support to passionate, up and coming entertainers. The platform invites cinematic, stage production and other scripted entertainment ideas. Through crowd funding and crowd sourcing myProject Nollywood takes your idea from inception to production.

Unlike other crowdfunding or crowdsourcing websites, myProject Nollywood has decided to cut themselves a particular niche by concentrating on everything entertainment.

On myProject Nollywood, aspiring or credited actors, actresses, musicians, directors, producers, sound editors, make-up artists etc or anyone who’s got a beautiful location to share for video shoots, concerts, stand-up entertainment can use my platform as their ideal Launchpad to kick start their dream project and share it will the world for funding or collaboration.

Their business model has been kept very simple; post your project – written or/and video for funding, reward those who have shown support. Or source the right talent needed for project collaboration all within their platform and together as a team, pitch your project for funding as well as connect to production partners Production Houses, Producers, Directors and Distributors.

The key take away from what this new company is trying to do is not necessarily re-inventing the wheel, but instead, felt that time has come for a change. They are using their platform with the power of the crowd to re-invent an industry that is lacking quality and enough bite to say, yes, we are the third biggest industry in the world.

myProject Nollywood will be working closely with top performing arts colleges, universities, international film organisations to achieve its goal.

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