Ini Edo To Star In Nollywood Dance Movie, “I’ll Take My Chances”… Dance Rehearsal Pictures

Ine & Choreographer

Nollywood just might be breaking out of the norm as Emem Isong produces what might be Nollywood’s first dance movie (we stand corrected). Emem Isong is known for her innovative ideas so it’s no secret that she decides to step out of the norm for this one. The movie “I’ll Take My Chances” is directed by Desmond Elliot and features Ini Edo along side Bryan Okwara who was on the reality dance show, Celebrity Take 2.

I’m definitely excited to see this, and you should be too. Here are some pictures from the dance rehearsal a few weeks ago.

Ini Edo & Bryan
Ini & Bryan
Ini & Choreographer
Ini & Choreographer
Bryan & Sinclair

Image Source: Nollywood Uncut


  1. why bryan, he's kind of awkward when he dances (he was not just it in celebrity takes 2). Emem should have used Wale Rubber (one of the dance instructor's of celebrity takes 2)


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