“I Earned Eighty Naira Monthly In Mega Fortunes In 1993/94”- Renowned Actor Ramsey Noah Reveals


Ramsey Tokunbo Noah a renowned Nollywood Actor was the celebrity guest speaker at the March edition of monthly Film Forum of the Nollywood Studies Centre of the School of Media & Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos. Speaking under the topic, A Journey of Two Decades: Promoting the Actor’s Trade in Nollywood, Noah corrected the impression that he has been in the industry for two decades; affirming that this is his 25th year in Nollywood, having started in 1990.


In 1991, Noah got a big break, when he was cast in the pilot of the series, Fortunes, whose second ‘era’, as it was called, was Mega Fortunes. According to him, it was not until 1993 that the series got sponsorship and then went to air. Mega Fortunes ended abruptly in 1994 because by that time, it had become cheaper for producers and investors to acquire Mexican soaps. He reiterated the long held notion that Mexican series killed local drama productions on NTA because producers spent far less in the procurement of the former.

Noah informed his audience that for all the popularity he achieved in Fortunes, he was only paid eighty naira (N80.00) per month for featuring in the series and that the NTA only paid him for three out of twelve months , withholding the rest of his money and those of his co-artistes up until this day.

Noah, who is proud of where Nollywood is going, noted that he participated in several films in his early days; which did not see the light of day because the producers did not have enough funds to conclude the projects. He looks forward to projects that will surpass the success of 30 Days in Atlanta in the cinemas.



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