Hilarious!!! Shan George Threatens Pirates With Village Juju


One of Nigeria’s oldest actress and Nollywood icon, Shan George, has boldly come out to warn pirates who hinder the progress of the industry. The actress who is planning to shoot a movie was quoted saying “Im trying to shoot a movie with the little money i have”, she further said, any pirate who intends pirating the movie will answer to her village gods.

In a facebook post of hers, this is what she had to say;

“As usual. i’m suffering day and night, burning the mid night oil, spending the little money in my pocket to make sure i do a good job, while pirates are busy chilling and doing nothing.

So, since the Fed. Government have refused to do something about piracy of our movies in Nigeria, i’ve decided to use my village juju to protect this my new film ONE GOOD MAN, Nollywood, police, fire brigade, Army, EFCC, SSS, Air force, Lawyers and all those concerned, pls bear me witness o !!!, when my village juju and thunder begins to fire pirates left, right and center. Don’t blame me o!. Filming will commence on the 14th July, 2015 in Calabar. I rest my case”.

LOL !! this is warning enough for pirates out there. A word they say is enough for the wise.


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