Checkout Ik Ogbonna’s Epic Reply To A Rude Fan


The popular model and actor who have also served as a a handsome character in some popular music videos IK Ogbonna have been teased real hard by a fan of his on his social media handle. The fan wrote:

Ik ogbonna is a wack actor…. and he’s accent?? DEAD!!!! Be putting “r” in almost all his words.Hi, my namee is Ik ogborrrrnna.Ode boy“”

A very wise and intellectually balanced IK gave her the best reply she deserves just simple and nice. He said


We gotta take it easy with our celebrities though because it’s not also easy for them controlling their tongues from wagging because of their status.. but I respect IK Ogbonna for this his my No.1 celeb today and between I just think the chick is tripping lol


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