Actress Halima Abubakar Slays In New Photos + Advises Ladies To Always Embrace Their Body


Nollywood sexy actress Halima Abubakar have been called out severally by her fans for being too fat with a big tummy. She visited her Instagram page to drop sexy photos which she also commented on those hating on her and also encouraged her fans to always love their body and also their skin. She said:

Love the skin you’re in and embrace the body you have. Of course we’re all working towards building stronger more fit bodies, but theres no reason to hate the body you have now. Nobody is perfect, and that’s something you need to remind yourself whenever you start picking at your flaws. Did you know that you’re your biggest critic? Next time you look in the mirror look at all the amazing things about you that make you the great unique person you are. Build your confidence up and use it to motivate others to love their bodies””




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