Half Of A Yellow Sun Movie; My Thoughts. By Lowla Adamson



Yesterday I got the opportunity to be part of those who witnessed the first film screening for Half Of A Yellow Sun in Africa and boy was I excited. Yes it was work, I love my job which even made it more interesting for me.

The screening was at Silverbird Galleria and I enjoyed the movie. If you’ve read the book then all you’ve probably heard about the movie covering just a part of the book is true but like what the director, Biyi Bandele said at the press conference, it is an independent movie and when he decided to shoot this film, he didn’t plan on covering the entire book.

I won’t give spoilers and talk about the movie so ill just talk about my favourite characters. First off was Anika Noni Rose who played Kainene…. The character and who played it portrayed a person that many women dream of being. Her boldness, openness and entrepreneurial mind set inspired me some more to be who I already am and not stop in pursuing my dreams, I felt so connected to that character in so many ways. She says what she feels, goes for what she wants and you could see it all in her eyes as she spoke and acted. She played one of the strongest characters in the movie, although it is shown that she doesn’t face the hardship that Olanna and Odenigbo faced.

Should I get into the fashion and costume for Kainene? Wow, that woman in my opinion nailed every look in every scene. The way she carried herself in each outfit said so much in its different ways. The details in the clothes she wore and the look in her eyes made me want to wear them all.

My next fav character is of course Onyeka Onwenu. That woman was exceptional in playing not just an ibo woman but an African mother. The manner and tone in which she spoke to Olanna when she was against her being with Odenigbo, to her plot of bringing in Amala…. Lol. Hands down to Onyeka.

Chiwetel impressed me, but of course he did, the man is what you can ‘an actor’… Lol. He spoke well enough in the ibo accent, the role of him being a drunkard (didn’t really portray the drunk African man to me, but hey that can pass. Lol) to dealing with the struggles of war and still trying to keep his family together at the same time…. All in all he did splendid.

I was a bit disappointed with some journalists at the press screening. Some random stupid questions were asked and these were the same people who saw the film as well. One guy asked Tina Mba how she felt as a Nigerian actress being in the same movie with women who weren’t Nigerians but had to portray Nigerians. He asked how she felt about Thandie and Anika’s parts and shouldn’t they have been played by proper Nigerian women. Tina replied asking if he had seen Hotel Rwanda, did he realise there were Nigerians in the movie as well. In my opinion it really isn’t about who is playing the part but how it’s played and how the message is passed. Another lady asked Biyi how he felt about putting non Nigerian women who couldn’t pronounce Nigerian words and names like Ijeoma correctly….. I mean common, its not rocket science, it is seen that these women as written and seen in the movie didn’t grow up in Nigeria. There were mentions of them schooling outside Nigeria. Even in todays world, we have numerous people who are Nigerians and live in Nigeria not having the accent because they didn’t grow up here so what was the point of that stupid question. It only shows how some Nigerians think, their bias attitude and excuse me, their plain stupidity which is annoying and sad.

With the way the movie ended I realised that HOAYS is one of those movies that leaves you asking questions and not actually giving you answers which I appreciate and love.

The movie will be out in cinemas nation wide from the 25th of April so I do suggest you go watch it.


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