GIAMA Awards Movie Submission Now Open


GIAMA is calling for movie submission from film makers and producer in the African film industry. Submission forms can be downloaded from the GIAMA website or call the various reps listed below.

·         NIGERIA: Call Bola Aduwo of Nollywood Access: 0813-104-2710 to pick up a form

·         GHANA: Call Next Media Concept on 054-470-8525 / 026-132-8443

·         USA: Call Bukky Ebun of Nollywood View at 862-237-3486

African Movies that were produced or released between July 2012 to June, 2013; or has not been released would be considered for the 2013 GIAMA nomination entry.

Every entry shall be considered upon the delivery to the GIAMA representatives in a form of a DVD or any format that is easily viewed. The official entry forms, accompanied with a cast and credits list, a brief English language synopsis of the film, a biography and photograph of the nominee, must be received by the GIAMA reps in your country not later than Friday, June 28th, 2013. Other fact sheets may also be sent to further document the submission.

All submitted movies through our respective reps would be shipped for award consideration to arrive at the GIAMA head office (USA) no later than Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013. The version submitted for GIAMA consideration must be identical in form with the final version in general release. Prints submitted will be retained by the GIAMA throughout the voting process and the nominees would be notified.


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