Tribe X Entertainment & Dj Manixx release Green October Volume VII


Tribe X Entertainment & Dj Manixx have released a phenomenal new mixtape, Green October Volume VII! The phenomenal success of the previous mixtapes is testimony to the quality and caliber of music that they put out. Dedicated to promoting and highlighting the positive side of Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general, Tribe X Entertainment and Dj Manixx have put together a compilation of the best of the best Nigerian/African music dating from 2005-2010. Most of the songs on this volume were (and still are) number one hits and have been nominated for numerous music and video awards around the globe. Artists on Volume VII have won MTV Music awards, been nominated for Grammy’s and Black Entertainment Television awards (Tuface and D’banj both recently received B.E.T. Awards for Best International Act Africa (tie) 2010), and other artists on the mix tape have won hundreds of music and video awards in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The songs hearken to traditional sounds that blend with contemporary rhythms and beats to create a sound that is distinctly and unmistakably Afro-contemporary. As the artists sing in Yoruba, Pidgin, Igbo and English, the sounds pound a beat that keeps your feet moving and keeps the party going. It proves that great music is universal and transcends language barriers. The crossover appeal of Nigerian artists has not been lost on the American and European music scene, with notable collaborations including those between Snoop Dogg and D’banj (who was just signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label), and 2Face Idibia and R. Kelly in the group ONE8. The Green October mixtape series also share sounds of artists who are equally great but have yet to be discovered in the Diaspora, ensuring that you are exposed to incredibly innovative music!


What makes these mixtapes so successful? “For our mixtapes, Tribe X Entertainment seeks out underground Nigerian artists from all over the world. Artists were called upon from the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Nigeria and the Americas that possessed a raw untapped Afrobeat dance music sound,” explained Harry Baba of Tribe X Entertainment. “That untapped, pure raw energy is at the core of what makes Green October a great mix tape series”.


Harry Baba continued, “We are dedicated to making a tangible difference on the African continent, the Green October project gives to non-profit organizations that help poor, homeless, poverty- and disease-stricken Africans as well as families affected by genocide and religious uprisings. The donation button is located on our home page in the top right hand corner. Feel free to make a difference and then dance your cares away to some incredible music!”




  1. Awesome mix tape Tribe X Entertainment and Dj Manixx!! The music is blazing…non stop…I can't stop replying the mix tape over and over..burned several copies for family and friends and even made a donation. Thank you for bringing this type of music out so people like me and the rest of the world can get a taste of the Real African Music!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I love it!!

  2. Good job bro…For some time now, I cnt remember ending my day without listening to my lovely GREEN OCTOBER..Thanks for making me feel like I'm in 9ja….all smiles…Wishing you the best.


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