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Have you ever met a wor wor babe before? I mean like really wor wor… The one wey the wor wor dey shout with loud speaker. Like the one that will make you sing “how could you be so wor wor?” (In kanye west’s heartless tune). Yeah I know the babe must be really wor wor. For those that don’t know what wor wor means, it’s a term used to describe an ugly person… I mean like hideous…. like… u get my point. Funny thing is, when it comes to African babes, most are good looking, and beautiful, but for every 2-3 fine African babes, there is one wor wor babe, and it just spoils the whole thing man. In short let me kowaciate the different levels and categories of wor wor that I’ve encountered in this my life time.

There are those that know their status. They know they went to wor-wor grammar school, so they use their other qualities to make up for it. Great personality, and other good qualities that they have kind of tones down the fact that they are wor wor. These ones I kinda feel sorry for them cos they are great people, and have a lot going for themselves but they just happen to be wor wor. Kinda sucks.

Then you have those that are wor-wor, they know they are wor-wor, but for some strange reason think that they can magically make their wor wor-ness (sorry i’m just making this ish up as i go) disappear by loading 2 pounds of make-up on their face. I mean sometimes it works temporarily. But eventually they get caught.. either at 2:45am when the lights in the club come on (or 5:45am at Queens International), or when they go to Waffle house with their toaster, or the next morning when they wake up (if you catch them) or by accident one day they forget to put on make up before running to Walmart and u catch them. Chei! That’s when you see how all their wor wor just dey shout with amplifier. For someone like me, the first thing I do is call my homeboy that knows them and vex for him… I mean why didn’t he tell me the babe wears a disposable face? This one can really vex me. I mean… I’m not dissing make up o. I think make up is good when applied to enhance beauty, but abeg, don’t use it to deceive people into thinking that you are fine, when you are not.

And last but not the least, you now have the ones that are wor wor…. maybe even the most wor wor of all….The commander in chief of the wor wor forces, but for some odd reason they think that they are Halle Berry or Gabrielle Union. I mean it’s really baffling. Most times they surround themselves with babes that are slightly more wor wor than they are, so they actually look better, and on top of that they have the worst attitudes. They are the ones that if u try to talk to them in the club by mistake, they’ll just squeeze face as if they are about to shit or something… (ah ahh…. wetin be your problem sef? lol). They’ll be the first ones to say the club is wack, the first ones to say the men in the club are sooo lame, and the last ones to get even a cup of pure water offered to them. Now before all the independent women in the house start shouting about how they can buy their own drink, let me just say that when a guy that you don’t know offers to buy you a drink it’s an indication that he at least wants to start some kind of conversation with you. So if no one offers to buy you a drink at the club, it could be that all men are just cheap, or it could very well be that you are wor wor. All men can’t be cheap at all the clubs and bars you’ve been to since you’ve been going out.

Anyways… enough wor wor yarns for one night. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but if you so happen to get offended by this piece then it’s either you are wor wor and you know it, or your very good friend is wor wor and she doesn’t know it. Wor wor is in the eye of the beholder, but some wor wor-ness is in the eye of everyone abeg.

“If you’re wor wor and you know it, clap your hands…(clap clap clap)… If you’re wor wor and you know it, clap your hands…(clap clap clap)…If you’re wor wor and you know it, and you really want to show it, if you’re wor wor and you know it, clap your hands.”

PS: This is a throw back post 🙂


  1. That is not wor wor it looks like she had some kind of congenital defect. I really don't find this funny, i mean its not her fault and really unfair to mock her.. My 2 cents

  2. This is mad funny… Commander in chief of the wor wor forces… classic I swear.I can't shout… But seriously sha, u go vex some people with this thing oo…. esp all those sensitive ass naija babes….lol. Nice one!

  3. it is only the backward moving class that will sit down and type a whole article such as this one based on a shitload of absolute rubbish! the person depicted in the picture even looks like she has a defect. mind your face and leave the other person alone. wor wor ni wor wor ko

  4. o boy me i like this article like mad. all those wor wor babes wey go dey do like say dem no shit for house sef. meet dem for club na dem no go wan dance wit person and na dem dey make noise pass, dem too dey form. but all na to put up a front to cover thier wor wor ness. i call them pillow case f***k guess you know wat i mean as in cover thier faces wit pillow wen u want to get down. then as for the gal in the pic think that she got a congenital abnormality may be downs, turner or trisomy 21. or it could av been arquired from trauma ie accident and shes done so many surgeries but all to no avail lol ..well its all good weather wor wor or not the down stairs is the same if you what i mean and na God create dem sha so we av to accept it and appreciate.

    • thank u for the pidgin genetics lesson, Dr Gunz.

      besides the photo choice, this rant/commentary/essay was pretty good, and funny too.

  5. in d absence of beautiful gal wor wor 1ce can play………..wit ur bals.hahahaha.bt make we dey try manage dem 4 club

  6. how can u sit there talking about people being ugly? who does that? are u fine ur self? u are stupid. and this write up is equally stupid

  7. LOL! this is the funniest thing I have read in a long time… but sha, you mean oh, plus you get liver!… I have to agree wor wor is in the eyes of the beholder… Anyways someone needs to write about wor wor guys, esp the ones that think they are God's gift to women 😉

  8. Buhahahaahahahaa!

    But no, I have to take offence. This article is wicked jo. -_-

    Is it your wor wor? Free them!

    And besides, we are all made how we are made. There are slight enhancements and additions (i.e. make-up, surgery) that can be made, but when it comes down to it we have a basic template we are working from and we can only do so much.

    Let's focus on attitudes and personality and take issue with that. I don't think a fine girl should be given more leeway to have a bad attitude and act like her s* don't stink than an ugly one has.

    But this article was hilarious none the less! I was literally laughing out loud.



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