Why Being A Side Chick Is Better For You….



Are you being serious? How is being a side chick better for you? What type of garbage am I reading?

Bear with me please. In no way am I condoning being a side chick, but there are plenty of woman out there who are side chicks, probably more than we’d like to believe.

If you are a main chick, don’t read on, this article would only cause you confusion and pain.

Anyone who reads my articles knows I love my numbers….so here it goes… 8 ways in which being a side chick is better for you!

  1. He doesn’t lie to you, now don’t get me wrong, everyone lies but what I’m trying to say…He’s more likely not to lie to you. If he says he’s out with his boys, he probably is. If he says he’s with his girl, he probably is. He won’t lie to you because there’s no reason not to, you ain’t his main chick.
  2. You get all of him, I don’t mean more time with him. You get to do all the things with him, his main chick can’t or won’t do. He shares more with you than his main chick, his good or bad side, either way, you know him more than the main chick.
  3.  You get a sexual thrill from being a side chick. You’re committing the greatest taboo in womanhood; taking what’s not yours. You have the power to make or break his relationship.   You know it’s wrong but you can’t help yourself, who doesn’t like forbidden fruit?
  4. Your heart stays intact, why? If you are a side chick, you’ll know the golden rule which is….know your place! Your heart is unlikely to get broken, if you go into such a relationship with your eyes open. It’s not a relationship; it’s a sexual connection which should benefit both of you. Such feelings shouldn’t develop, so it’s all good huh?
  5. You don’t have to put up with his BS in other words his bullshit. You ain’t his main chick, let her handle his emotions. You only deal with his good side.
  6.   He likes you more, why? You don’t ring him 100 times just so you can ‘hear’ his voice as a main chick would do, he likes that you send him those naughty pics  /txts but above all he likes the fact that it’s just sex.
  7.    You get to travel more, how? You get the out of town dinners and hotels basically the good stuff that comes from a relationship.
  8.      He’s rich. Side chicks tend to always go out with rich guys; it’s unrealistic to assume that you would share a broke or a bum dude. So your hair and nails are paid for, if he’s generous that is.

While I have noted the benefits, there are plenty of drawbacks.

If you are a side chick, its 80% likely you will NOT get a ring, he will not suddenly just up and leave the main chick for you, she’s the main chick for a reason. If in some bizarre twist, you do become the main chick, just remember the phrase ‘How you get your man, is how you can lose your man’. Know that if he’s cheating on her, he’s cheating on you, there’s no law to say you can only have one side chick. Other drawbacks? You don’t get to spend the holidays with him, you get the days after. You won’t meet his family and if you do meet his friends, you meet the bad ones, the ones who have side chicks too and lastly just know that its  gonna be 80% more likely for you to get hurt.

Advice for the guys, while it may seem like a good idea to have your cake, pounded yam and eat it. Know that a side chick should only realistically be there for a couple of months at most; any longer, just know she’s plotting something that will most equally spell trouble for you and your main chick.

Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments section 🙂



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