Who Is Whose Daddy?


Amongst my friends I rant a lot about tons of really random stuff, ideals, and situations. Please bear with me as in the coming weeks, I shall be unleashing a few of them on you ;). In this premiere piece, I want to talk about something that I have noticed is becoming increasingly prevalent with guys today.

Recently a friend of mine related to me the details of a “romantic” night she had with her man-friend. They had been hanging out for a couple of months and he’d done all the right things up till this point. They both knew that things were about to go the next level so throughout the night in question there was this charged chemistry in the air as they both anticipated what would come next. When the time came for them to finally “wrestle”, things started out well; he was hitting all the right notes, touching all the right spots, and saying all the right things. Next thing she knows, homeboy throws out the “Who’s your daddy?” line.

To hear her tell it, she kind of froze at that point. They were in the middle of things so she stayed till it was all over. Afterwards, as they lay there sated, all that went through her mind was that she’d done the deed with someone with “daddy” issues.

Honestly if it were me in this situation, I would’ve immediately halted our “pre-gaming” and found my way home. Yes. That’s how much that mess grosses me out.

I have an awesome relationship with my father and when I address him, I call him Daddy. So, to me, the only person I associate with that word is my father. So why the bloody heck would I want to call my man-friend “daddy?” Worse still, when we’re in the middle “wrestling.” Haba!!! Maka gini??

There are many songs that actually promote this idea that women could somehow be turned on by the thought of sexing it up with their “daddies.” Case-in-point; Usher’s Hey Daddy and Robin Thicke’s “Shaking it for Daddy.” I love those artists to pieces but those songs CREEP ME OUT. The lyrics alone…Ugh!!! (If you’re not familiar with the lyrics, google it). They’ve irrevocably sullied the word “daddy” for me.

I originally thought that this thing was only in the romantic setting but I found that it’s across the board.

Last week I started listening to Cool FM’s road show online hosted by Freeze. The show is awesome (seriously folks, it is <3) but they decided to almost ruin the thing for me by calling Freeze, “our daddy” (I say “almost” because I gbadun Naija music too much to stop listening just because of that, I just utilize my mute button :d). His co-host actually introduces the show with “You’re listening to the road show with Freeze your daddy.”

But that’s not the worst part. They have this audio track they play whenever they’re going in or coming out of commercials in which a lady with this quasi-erotic sing-songy voice goes…”It’s you daaaaaaaadddddddy.” Like seriously???? I don’t believe Freeze means the whole thing in an erotic way but still….Creep Alert!!

Thankfully, I try to be very upfront about things that weird me out with my men-friends. So I trust that no one I am or will be involved with will try that nonsense. For me, that’s a situation that could make me whip out my To-the-left-to-the-left soundtrack. I mean, if he’s into that, how the hell do I know he’s not going to have some more weird tendencies in his closet down the road.

I have asked some of my guy friends about it and while they were all quick to say that they don’t do that (which I’m pretty sure they were just saying for my benefit). I get the feeling that if a girl actually called them that, they wouldn’t mind.

So to my ladies out there I want to ask, am I the only one grossed out about this?


  1. What should a guy do when his woman/wife always call him daddy? I asked this question because I know girls who use daddy as a pet name for their man.

  2. lmao. I haff laff die this afternoon. But the "daddy" word is not so bad though. I've said it b4 a few times pertaining to "wrestling" but then again I think i was just going with mainstream notion of what to say during "wresting".

    and why are we calling it "wrestling"? lmao

    • All the twisting, turning, smacking, various body locks and suplexes that go on during said event can qualify as "wrestling". Abi

  3. I myself can't understand what turns a guy on by asking "who's your daddy". Its not sexy in anyway & it gives d impression that the guy is either completely into himself or trying to make up for the lack of something else. If I like d dude though, I could deal with that, he'll get over it @ some point either with maturity or my non response. We all have our quirks

  4. imao, men u really got some daddy issues. I don't think u can be cured of it, and I would have told u so if I were ur psychiatrist. Some men do enjoying using the daddy word during sex, but its probably just 4 that time.

  5. Well I see nothing wrong,its sexy its like saying “whose the man” or “whose the boss” its jus a dudes way of stroking his ego

  6. Na wa o….

    Anyhow, diffrerent strokes….

    Me no fit dey shout who's ur daddy oh….

    Too engaged in the wresting to even start saying that between moans and graons…. Maybe i cannot multitask dats y… lol!!!!

    Interesting read….

  7. I froze the first time a babe called me daddy during a errr wrestling match. It's very disturbing and I don't like it at all…in her defense, I found out she had daddy issues. O ma se o!

  8. I consider myself a daddy's girl. Although my dad has passed away, I don't think anyone can take his place. I just think it's sexy to call a guy daddy (in my baby voice with my pouting face) when I want something 😉
    Tell me which guy doesn't like that?

  9. Well i dnt thnk its dt much of an issue cos its lyk us guys callin our gurls mama especially whn they’re rily takin care of us….i jst think its meant 4 two people who share intimacy.neither am i a fan of freeze doin d daddy thng.

  10. more like "ta ni baba e!!!" or "talo bi e!" lol on a serious note though, the last people you should be thinking about during a WWF Smackdown session (all puns intended, tank u mush) should be anyone with -daddy or mummy in their title (e.g. daddy, granddaddy, grandmummy, e.t.c.) That right there is just farm animal behavior! Except you and your parents engage in wrestling, they should be the last people to remind you about that cos the only relationship between "daddy" and "mummy" EVER in your mind is that that how you were born and thats where it end. But if you and "daddy" or "mummy" dey wrestle, then we go need carry you go Cele church for flogging/ deliverance (however you choose to see it)

  11. This might be an opportunity to spice it up. Things that are said and done in the bedroom, are just that. Things said IN the bedroom. If it helps your man get off, why not? It shows your submission to him IN the bedroom. If you liked some freaky-deaky stuff, then he should be down with that too.

  12. This might be an opportunity to spice it up. Things that are said and done in the bedroom, are just that. Things said IN the bedroom. If it helps your man get off, why not? It shows your submission to him IN the bedroom. If you liked some freaky-deaky stuff, then he should be down with that too.

  13. Funny enough I've never had a girl call me that so I don't exactly know how I'd react. Hopefully I meet that adventure soon 😀

  14. @Dean I was trying to reach you through email but I got the “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently” error. It looks like you wrote your email wrong. Can you please contact me?


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