What To Do When She Tells You She Does Not Love You Back


Have you ever known a girl you felt is the right woman for you? Everything seems perfect, except for one thing, she does not feel the same way you do and she wastes no time in telling it to you? well, I would be letting you know how to handle this kind of situation if you are in one or you ever find yourself in one in the future.

You see, women have far more insecurities than men do and so they intelligently let their systems adapt to these insecurities by creating defense mechanisms to protect themselves from our world’s many insecurities. Having said this, it is quite possible that this woman you have feelings for could be playing a game, ‘testing’ on you in some way, building herself into some sort of challenge and making you fight for her, or she could honestly and candidly not share your feelings and is not the type that beats around the bush but maybe, still enjoys your friendship. However the case may be, the best decision you can make for yourself is to walk away.

Huh? Did you hear me say “walk away”?

No bro, you want me to send it to your email address?

Of course, you should walk away. Say a huge ‘NO’ to her friendship proposal and move on with your life. She obviously likes you, for her to still want to be your friend and I bet the reason is ‘cuz she thinks you are a really ‘nice’ guy but you have to remind yourself that you are the man and as the man, you make the rules (at least I think so). Personally, I think being ‘friends’ with a woman you are attracted to does more harm than good, if it does any good at all. It puts her in control and trust me, women don’t like to be in control, I mean, they crave authority especially if  it is over a man, but a woman can hardly stand a man she can control. More so, staying away gives her the opportunity to ‘miss you’.

No, no, no, no, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should not follow your heart or whatever phrase you described being friend-zoned by the woman you have feelings for, I am just saying that you should look at your options, critically. Weigh them… Learn their benefits and consequences, then, my dear friend, you are good to go.

A wise man wrote in a book, ” Use your absence to increase respect and honor”. think about it. *wink*



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