What Goes Around…..Part 2




…………….The jolt shocked Kunle out of his thoughts. Mr.Alao the driver and his brother Kayode were already out of the car, getting ready for a showdown. Dang! He was going to be late for his meeting with Avsil Oil. The occupant of the other car hadn’t gotten out of the car yet. Kunle smiled as he heard Mr. Alao ranting outside in Yoruba and Pidgin, knowing fully well that the old man wouldn’t have carried out any of his threats. He was a “Lagos” gentleman.

(Note: Lagos gentleman: A man who won’t hesitate to show his Pako side just to ensure he isn’t taken for a softie, especially in the Lagos traffic)

  “Ki lo n ma n worry awon obirin ni eko gan?” he heard Mr. Alao shout (Translation: What is wrong with these Lagos Ladies)

“Dem go just dey do any how sef, see as dis Weere just dent my bumper. Oga Kayode, abeg call that LATSMA chief make him come impound her car. Thank God say na BMW sef,na one eye for another eye”  he continued to rant.
The driver of the errant BMW stepped out of the car and at that moment, Kunle Cole knew that the matter would be settled within a few minutes. The “Weere” driver of the other car could only be described in one word.


Her hair was packed in a pony tail; she was light-skinned, tall and wonderfully shaped. Kunle immediately came out of the car and calmed Mr. Alao down and tried to resolve the situation with the lady.

 “Good morning, I think you have wrecked my car, it’s so bad, I don’t think it can move anymore” he quipped.

Good morning, please don’t be offended, I mistakenly stepped on the gas thinking it was the brake”, She replied.

Did you come in from the Uk recently or something?” he asked.

“Yes, actually came in about two days ago”.

  Kayode smiled as he watched his twin reassure the pretty lady and handed over his business card to her. She introduced herself as Linda. Thinking to himself, Kayode felt lucky to have a wonderful fiancé in Maria, who was a wonderful companion, very good Christian and could cook up a storm.

Bro, let’s go”, Kunle said, interrupting his brother’s thoughts.

Mr. Alao weaved through the ever busy streets of Lagos, cutting their journey time by about a quarter, just in time for them to make it to their meeting with the Chief Technical Officer of AvSil Oil. Their company had been trying to get a contract for the past 3 months and after a nerve wrangling eighty minutes, the company lawyer who was also in attendance brought out documents for them to sign, and immediately the terms for the biggest contract the twins had ever gotten was agreed on, Kayode called their parents and broke the news to them.

 Kunle on the other hand said a prayer and then called their dad who was already quite excited. Indeed, the contract would boost their revenue by an additional three million dollars.  They decided to go back to Abuja where they are based. On the way to the airport, Kunle’s phone rang and he picked up without looking at it.

Hello, this is Linda, we met earlier this morning” the soft, husky yet firm voice over the phone massaged Kunle’s inner ear and made him break into a smile almost immediately.

Hi Linda, of course I still remember you, it’s not like I have amnesia”, he joked, “I actually am on my way to the airport at the moment”

Wow, I hope our little incident this morning didn’t stop you from making your flight. I heard that the traffic on Airport road is quite intense, and was hoping that I could show my appreciation for your kindness to me this morning by buying you lunch” she offered.

I am actually on my way to Abuja right now, but I’ll take a rain check”, he teased back.


The flight to Abuja was quite smooth and so was the journey into the City.

As he entered his flat, he got a text from his new friend Ebuka inviting him for drinks. Ebuka, who was their company lawyer also had an equity stake in the company. That evening, as they relaxed at the Platinum lounge, Silverbird Galleria, Ebuka told Kunle that he had to travel to Lagos, as his fiancé recently got into the country. Wishing him all the best, they chilled out and watched as a clique of young ladies laughed and teased each other.

   After leaving the Galleria for his parent’s place to celebrate the events of that day, Kunle drove back to his place at Gwarinpa. He then remembered that he was to meet up with his very good friend Ebi, a doctor who was doing her house job at Garki hospital on Monday. ‘Hopefully, he thought to himself, this weekend would be quite relaxing for me’…..



Monday turned out to be quite hectic. The hold up on the Shehu Ya’aradua Expressway was crazy. As he entered his office, he called Ebi:

Hey doc, what’s good bebe, he joked.

“Nothing much dear, just finished conducting antenatal. How was your trip to Lagos? Hope you haven’t forgotten to pick me up for lunch”, she replied.

“Yeah right, just know that we are going to eat amala.

No problem, I go hard on amala all day everyday”, she joked.

  As Ebi ended the call, she wondered how she would get him to notice the fact that she had feelings for him. He was very open with her and treated her sometimes like his best friend, and at other times, like a lover. The only problem with their “situation” was that she wasn’t getting the full benefits of being his lover which was the tender loving care. She understood why he behaved like that. He wasn’t quite damaged goods of course, more like over-experienced.

  About a month ago, she had hinted to him that she liked someone and short of screaming at him that he was the one that she was talking about, he acted like he was ignorant. Then he told her what happened with his last “proper” relationship.

    Ten months into his relationship with Ify, Kunle tried to be friends with Ify’s group of friends, including her best friend and neighbor Rose. The problem was that Rose wanted Kunle to herself.

 Wahala DEY!!! So one night, after months of resisting Rose’s advances (while Ify travelled to Montreal for a conference);  as Kunle stayed over at Ify’s apartment, Rose who had a key to her flat entered wearing just a very skimpy nightgown. She tapped him lightly, and guessing that he was a deep sleeper, stroked his wood. He responded only as a normal man would and then she proceeded to pull through with the seduction. It was the start of a fling that lasted three weeks……



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