What Goes Around … Part 1


Doesn’t have to come around.(Notification: This is a 5 part series) As Kunle Cole waited for his twin brother Kayode to finish up with auto dealer, his phone rang with his favorite song “You the Boss” by Rick Ross playing. He smiled when he realized that contact on the phone was his ex, Ify. Shaking his head, he placed the phone on silent and put it back in his pocket. “Is she calling again?” Kayode asked “Yes oh, this babe really doesn’t want to let go, after all she put me through.” he replied.

On the way back to their home at Magodo, Kunle’s phone rang again, which for the past three months had been the norm. The love of his life, or rather ex love of his life Ifeoma( Ify ) called him almost every day, sometimes to hear his voice, at other times, to find out whether she could make him see reason as to why she still loved him. “I personally think you should either let her go or you should date her. No matter how bad she treated you, she doesn’t deserve this from you.” His “saint” of a brother preached, breaking the silence. “Kay, I honestly think she doesn’t deserve it as well. I have told her to let me go, but she keeps saying that I promised that I’d wait for her” Kunle replied. Again the silence…. Kunle Cole, graduate of University of Toronto reminisced as Mr. Alao their driver hummed a Lagbaja tune. It all started three years ago, Doyin,  his course mate introduced Ify to him at a gathering and he later walked her to her place.

She was fantastic, beautiful, average height, sensual lips but not too full, warm, brown eyes that could heat even the coldest heart up, and of course a beautiful figure. As they met up later for drinks during the week , Kunle was determined in his heart to make her his lady. Their relationship turned out to be better than what he expected, she supported Manchester United, while he supported Arsenal. On Saturdays, they would watch their respective matches, grab dinner at a romantic small  diner and then take a walk to his place. The first time they made love, almost 4 months after they met,  it was beyond his imagination. She came over to his place, on a friday, and then decided to stay over which he had been trying to convince her into doing since. They watched a movie on his laptop and then he leaned over to peck her. Looking into his eyes, she held his gaze, licked her lips and then slowly kissed him long and hard. She hungrily removed his t-shirt and then placed soft kisses on the nape of his neck, down to his chiseled chest, trailing back up to his smooth jaw. He shuddered as she bit the lobe of his ear and then whispered to him” I want you“. Kunle who was no stranger to situations such as this, was surprised about the fact that it was her who actually was bold enough to make a definitive move, but then again, she was his girlfriend now, so it doesn’t count.

Kunle rolled her over and then kissed her harder but yet gently and then slowly unbuttoned her top. She was definitely packing he mused to himself.  kissed her on her cheeks, her neck, trailing his way to her breasts which he fondled with affection. When he removed her bra and immediately placing her left nipple in his mouth and teased the right with his fingers, Ifeoma moaned out softly. He smiled to himself and then paid homage to the right, sucking and nibbling on it. With his left hand, he let his fingers trail down to her love core which was already wet with expectation. He then pulled her panties down and she assisted him further by taking her skirt off . He placed soft kisses on her belly button, and then moving down south, he placed his mouth over her sweet peach and ate into it. Indeed, Kunle had a truly fascinating tongue she thought to herself as he explored spots she didn’t know she had. About 8 minutes later, she started breathing very fast, grabbing his head and holding it down there, she bucked her hips and with a gasp started mumbling” I’m cumming” repeatedly. Kunle waited till she was feeling “stronger” and then taking her by the hand, led her to the shower. He picked up the remote of his speakers and increased the volume of the song which was playing(J.Holiday- Make that sound).

In the bathroom, She pushed him against the wall and then ran the shower. With the fine hot spray attacking them, they passionately kissed and then she noticed that he did have a fine specimen( thick and not too long). Ifeoma decided that she wanted him to fuck her inside her and she raised her smooth leg and he held it instinctively, and slowly, he pushed his manhood into her. She gasped with pleasure as he worked his rhythm from a slow whine to a fast lust filled rhythm, pounding her gently , but at the same time, fulfilling trying to quench his hunger….



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