Video: I Will Not Cook For You!


Guys, watch out. Your days of  having food made from scratch by your girlfriend may very soon be over. This hilarious video lays it bare.




  1. GBAM!!!! In my case, I do cook (cos i love to, one of my greatest hobbies in the whole wide world), but not as a duty. I aint no man's house girl, he should go and employ one…African men should better get this crappy mentality that a woman is strictly meant for domestic activities off their heads,they should play their part as well,afterall most ladies these days work. That however does not take the place of the man being the head, but being the head doesn't make you commander in chief of a woman's life,you're there to guide and direct, not command like some military idiot. Love this video.

  2. Alota people got it twisted when it comes to relationships:

    Issue 1. The right/ wrong time to act as if they are married or not.
    Issue 2. The tradition gender roles played in one society may not translate to others.

    In my opinion, men and women should both know how to cook. For a women to be the only one who can cook in the house is archaic and should be thrown out the door. But it does not mean that women should all of a sudden not feel it is their responsibility because they have work, school or other activities. Marriage is a partnership and a compromise so it means that the man may sometimes have to be the one to cook, whats wrong with that? If you base your masculinity on whether you cook and clean in the house, you got some issues my friend. A well rounded women and one that is teachable is key.

    Just as a side not though, i would never marry a women that cannot cook, does not attempt to cook or learn how to. If i can why shouldn't you?

    • "women should all of a sudden not feel it is their responsibility because they have work, school or other activities."

      "A well rounded women and one that is teachable is key."

      Really? This is you being open minded? Pray do tell what you mean by "teachable". Also, it is not the woman's "responsibility" to cook in my opinion. A wife should cook for her husband because she wants to, not because she HAS to. When there is a day that she doesn't "want" to, then the husband should man up and fend for himself.

      • Loj, teachable in the sense of, if you can't cook, then you are willing to learn. Lets face it, men also have specific gender roles that they play, in the western context it includes yardwork, taking car of the cars, fixing things around the house. Unfortunately some men can no longer do these things based on home training but for those who can, they are expected to. So maybe the right term is expectations not responsibility.

        If a man can cook, a woman should learn how to be a handy person, gardner, mechanic, sha you get?

        Well rounded is something that both partners have to have because in todays society, old gender roles no longer apply. Its more so a case of compatibility and compromise.

    • As long as you the man are also well-rounded and teachable then all is well. People seek what they themselves are not willing to bring to the table.

  3. I am all for men not turning their wives to housegirls but women kill me. We all sit and say he must be the head of the house o, that is how is has always been. Well, a woman has always fed her man…that is how it has always been. Our mothers cooked for their husbands. I am a working woman and I will cook for my husband, it delights me to be able to do that. Take note to marry a man that is not a slave driver. Most women that complain were not careful in selecting partners. Marry someone that will pitch in with housechores. This we are liberated junk is what is keeping half of us cold and lonely. Stop trying to go against the grain ladies. It ain’t working for your western counterparts either.

    • Being one of the people who supports the "liberated junk" that is "keeping half of us cold and lonely", I'm going to have to disagree with your statement.

      I KNOW that it is hard for females, especially the ones that are surrounded by "happily married" or "desperate to get married" friends, to realize that marriage and a man are NOT everything. Let me just say, I pick being "cold and lonely" over being "married and miserable". This is not to say that everyone's marriage is terrible, but a decent enough majority are not that great. So "cold and lonely" ladies, do not let the "ijuscants" of the world drive you into making a foolish decision and settling. Please continue to be liberated.

  4. I think one important phrase regarding this topic is “In my personal opinion”.. Because, in my personal opinion, this is an issues that is subjective rather than objective. It all depends on the couple. We live in different times. Gone are the days when a Man was always more busy than his wife therefore she had to take care of the household while her husband went to bring the meat. These days you can easily find a relationship in which the woman has a more hectic schedule than her man. Therefore since the argument of the Man/Husband being more busy is off the table, it all comes down to what the couple decides between themselves. They could weigh in who is less or more busy, who can cook better, who loves cooking more etc etc. and based on those factors, they can share the family responsibilities. The situation where a guy says he cannot marry a woman that cannot cook is his own cup of garri with no sugar. Maybe he will find that woman who exclusively loves cooking and housework, maybe he won’t.. But also keep in mind that love comes with some level of compromise.. Some men and women have to put aside their whole careers to support their significant other, why should a simple issue like cooking determine the relationship?. But like I said, this is my opinion.

  5. My only issue with this cooking argument is if I don't want to cook because my schedule is SO busy or because I don't want to feel that is all I was married for, and my SO cant cook either, what would we eat? what would our future children eat? Whenever people make these arguments, they sometimes forget you as a woman still gotta eat!!! So unless the husband and wife are cooking for themselves and hiding the rest of the food, why are we concerned about who cooks and who doesn't? On days when neither of us feels like cooking, Chinese and co are there…

    I do however agree with not constantly cook for a boyfriend. Unless of course I am at his house and I want to eat…I gotta cook if he isn't in the mood..if not insert starving mode…iCant!

  6. This Girl is stupid because you only see what you carry within and all she sees and says are the words stupid and idiots. She says it is personality a man would love, in her case her personality is zero. She cannot cook and she looks like a bully to be a good sex mate, Guys this is the type of girl you should avoid at all cost. She has noting to offer but vexation and stress.
    The gender role is the Man is the Father provider and protector, while the female is the Mother caring and nurturing .
    This girl is abusive and rude, calling people stupid and idiots shows the level of class she lacks, imagine life with a woman like this, one word "Hell".She is also too skinny to be called woman so I wonder why she is so pissed, she should go get herself a girlfriend because she lacks basic female qualities and looks like a man.
    No man asks a woman to be a Home maker, cook or sex slave and no woman asks a man to provide shelter , food and clothes for the family.
    I real man would always make sure his family has Shelter, food and clothes as the Provider and protector of the family and by his side his Queen a real woman would make sure the family is well feed and healthy.
    Please keep this type of girl away from messing it up for the real women out there, Guys run this is the type of girl your mum warned you about. Imagine taking this type of girl home to mama "Nightmare".

    • What a moron you are.

      The girls she called stupid were the ones to think "If I cook for him and wash his clothes and become his slave, then maybe he will like me". Her point was that the man should be the one wooing you, not the other way round.

      Did you even understand anything she said at all? I'm sure your comprehension skills are low but it looks like the average dunce is better off than you are.

    • U this foolish one. Abeg have u been with her personally to know that she is abusive? Heh? Did she hit u? A fool is a fool this vid is supposed to be funny and all the ones who are taking it personally Are the ones who she is talking to.

  7. This Girl is stupid because you only see what you carry within and all she sees and says are the words stupid and idiots. She says it is personality a man would love, in her case her personality is zero. She cannot cook and she looks like a bully to be a good sex mate, Guys this is the type of girl you should avoid at all cost. She has noting to offer but vexation and stress.

    • You know you're a chimpanzee right? what's the use in the name calling.

      I don't agree with what she's saying, but I think she's stating her point.

      • I was just returning back to her the names she called decent girls who still carry the spark of womanhood, she called them idiots and stupid. Thanks for the Chimpanzee compliment.

  8. @Gangster from your statement "She is also too skinny to be called woman so I wonder why she is so pissed" states clearly to me how much of a sexist you are, so all skinny women out there are not fit to be called women, because they're not robust? that goes a long way to tell the kind of person you are…Are you for real?

    Secondly, you stated and i quote again "The gender role is the Man is the Father provider and protector, while the female is the Mother caring and nurturing .

    " seriously? In this generation? how many guys're actually faithful in doing their own part when the women are voluntarily or involuntarily sharing their roles? please, let's get realistic this's the 21st century and the couple should be able to share responsibilities, not that the men should feel superior or as "lord" .In asmuch as I am 100% in support of a woman being domesticated, what's wrong with a man cooking?who gave any freakin' rules that it's STRICTLY a woman's job? A woman's part of being submissive doesn't make her a slave to NO man. Most (now i didn't say all) african (especially Nigerian men) have a lot to learn in this era, this's not the days of our fathers when MOST of our mothers were "slaves" and (a good number were unhappy) all through their married lives. I feel if a man TRULY loves his wife, he'll be able to help her out , and the woman should be able to cook and engage in other domestic chores for her husband without feeling bad about it, but that all boils down to the love that both have.If my man deserves it, why not? but i aint gonna go the extra mile for some lazy couch potatoe. Any man that thinks it's only women that should be in the kitchen has a complex problem. women, run away from such men cos they won't make a difference when you're pregnant or sick. Both parties should participate in domestic chores, the man being the head.(as is supposed to be)

  9. Funny video…therez nothing wrong with cooking as long as ur doing it for the right reasons……boiling your fingers and grilling your butt wont fetch you a ring.

  10. I think girls and guys get all bent out of shape about cooking. Who will cook? Who wont cook? The ting depends on the couple jare. I personally think it's lazy if a guy can't cook. If he doesn't know how, I'll teach him.

    The more important question here is how much does he have? If we both have enough money we can hire a cook, and sit back and watch african magic while "Sunday" punds the yam 🙂

  11. It's easier said than done. First, let me make it clear that I'm nobodies advocate, be it male or female. secondly, I don't believe in en-slaving any body. For the young people paying attention to this discussion, I will say to you; is your choice on how to leave your life (married or just relationship). You know what you want in a partner and you choose exactly that, kudos to you. A woman cooking for a man does not make her an idiot and a man cooking for his woman does not make him a less of a man. In this new age, you don't even have to cook every day like some of our parents. You can cook a heavy meal once a week or depends on how big your family is and how often you like to cook and then refrigerator it. If both of you does not like to cook or don't know how, then make sure you have enough money to spend. Do not make the mistake of neglecting good and quality food in a household cus of work, career, etc. History have shown that men tend to follow their stomach and you may argue that "ok" he then needs to know how or learn how to cook, but that's not always the case. It could be culture, how he was raised, or some other factors. Likewise, the same can be argued on a womans behalf who does not know how to cook. It could be that her mother never taught her how to cook, or she was never interested in learning. A man that loves home cooked meals and does not know how to cook, and don't have a fat pocket, has no business being with a woman that can only boil a hot water. A woman that cannot cook has no business being with a man that loves home cooked meals and does not like to spend. A woman cooking at home may not keep the man but will not definitely hurt. So after all said and done, be careful of who you choose as a partner. Remember, do what you can to keep your relationship or someone else will do it for you.

  12. I'm amused at the reactions her video has gotten. Although I am a man who is thoroughly attracted to a woman who can cook, I think it only makes sense for me to desire to see this trait BEFORE marriage, just like any other trait I would want in a potential wife. With that said, a lot of you clearly missed her point as stated by a few already. She won't cook for her BOYFRIEND but would cook for her HUSBAND. Where's the confusion and who is anybody to argue her point? It is HER opinion, correct? I believe she also has no problem sharing the duties of cooking a meal with her man every now and then. Hey, whatever floats her boat and I'm sure at some point she would show whatever skills she has in the kitchen (or bedroom) as alluded to by her eventually. Although her refusal to cook for her boyfriend seems to go against the supposed basic tenants of a good woman (girlfriend or wife), I still don't think it's that serious. Lighten up, you guys sound like neanderthals.

  13. Well to me cooking is fun if you gat money, i think its a most for a woman to know how to cook but not a most for guys. Cooking is not a problem to me. I can help my wife make meals sometimes if she is not in the mood or is being stressed up. I guess it should be 60 % for girls to cook and 40% for guys.

  14. Typical naija girl attitude,always thinking they are smarter than the world….Thank God we have a truck load of other type of girls to choose from who are willing to go 'over and beyond '. to please us…Although i must admit ill most probably cook and clean more than my father did..[i've only seen him cook like twice in twenty something years]..


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