Use Technology To Widen Your Social Circle


Technology is often blamed for encouraging us all to retreat into our own virtual domains, but in fact the internet is helping people to form new friendships. Read on to learn how you can create a social circle with a few clicks.

Nobody could have predicted the exponential growth of the internet and the introduction of smartphones ensures that almost all of us now have access to online information at our fingertips wherever we happen to be. Why not make use of the technology to kick start a flagging social life? Whether you have just moved to a new city where you don’t yet know anyone, have recently suffered a break up or just want to develop a social circle, here’s how to utilise the internet to help you to meet new friends.

Social networking
The main social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great way of extending your social circle. Try updating your status to reflect your desire to make friends in the new city in which you find yourself for example. By spreading the word through the friends and acquaintances you already have there is a reasonable chance that someone will know someone with whom you can hook up to get you started on a social life.

Updating your relationship status to indicate your newly single status should prompt current friends to instigate a night out, which can provide another excellent opportunity to get out there and start interacting with new people.
Community networking
A new concept is springing up online which is rapidly gaining aficionados, thanks to its successful formula for introducing people socially. A sort of hybrid between social networking and a community noticeboard, the idea is to match up people who share common interests, hobbies and values on organized days or nights out.

Members are encouraged to create a profile which tells other users a little bit about them along with a few words to describe particular events, ideas, interests and hobbies which they would be keen to share with others. They can organize social events or arrange to participate in social occasions organized by other members, choosing to attend as many or as few events as they wish. Choose from live music, lunch parties, sports occasions and dinners to name just a few of the ideas suggested by members.

Of course, as soon as you widen your social circle you instantly increase the chances of finding a romantic partner as you make friends with new people. With a supportive bunch of new friends you will find yourself enjoying life more which makes you happier, which of course makes you instantly more appealing to prospective mates. Moreover, a romance that grows out of a strong friendship is considerably more likely to last the distance than a relationship based purely on physical attraction, making it a real win-win situation.

Sara Johnson writes about families and relationships for a range of websites and blogs. With a background in counseling Sara understands the difficulties many people experience in forming new friendships. She believes that online sites encouraging real-life hobbies and events could play a valuable part in helping people to get to know like-minded individuals in the area – visit this page to learn more about this emerging trend.



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