UNILAG Babes on some other stuff

Babe dropping some serious yarns
Babe dropping some serious yarns

I’m not even sure where to begin with this video. I’m sure some folks have already seen it but I had to post it on here for those that haven’t or those that just feel like seeing what I have to say about it. This, I must say, is a hot mess and just confirms what I’ve always thought about Unilag babes. Now granted that not every babe that went to Unilag will agree with these babes take on men, sex, and money, but most will agree that it is pretty much regular gist that happens in most campuses in Naija. The babes are pretty much talking about what a good number of babes in naija talk about…. Some serious Aristo levels man. It’s entertaining, and disturbing all at the same time…lol. Check the video out. Thoughts?


  1. This is crazy but it does not surprise me. I am pretty sure that most American Wonder babes talk like this to. They might not be a direct as these babes but you American Wonder babes say these same things. If I take a girl out to normal places such as applebees or Longhorns she will act all reserved and laid back but the moment I take a babe to Morton she will be so excited which normally leads to her "opening up". And the higher and higher to climb up the ladder of the "finer things" the quicker she is willing to try "different things". So in conclusion UNILAG babes are a not that different from that goodie goodie babe you see every weekend.

    • Ok… truth, d koko is dat ur hangin out with da wrong kinds of naija women. which is very unfortunate for you.. And u talkn bout takn these women out to luch and shyt have u eva tried making a home cooked meal for these women? the truth is these women are going to react to however way you present yourself to them. listen honey, next time u meet a girl don't do fine dining and shyt, treat her to a homemade meal instead! Naija women don change u def aint keepn up lol..

  2. wow a least they are honest not the fucked up one we have here especially in atlanta that pose born again or fake the good girl thing the do worse behinde. so i aint mad at them they are some honest beesheess lol

  3. Umm I dont think this is necessarily aristo talks. Its more of the girls calling out naija guys who always know what to say to get a girl in bed and then they up and leave. They are just saying instead of you doing it for free, make him spend on you first…asin dinner, movies..etc. I do not subscribe to their school of thought because that is just bringing yourself too low, but at the same time, Negro please you want to take a girl to mickky dees and then try to put some play on her..haha. sorry try again.

  4. Why does it matter why I take you for you to listen to my game. If that is the case your pretty much like a prostitute as the more I spend the more you do. What is the difference. I mean a prostitute is no wahala but you regular babes are wahala. I might run into at that Naija spot. You females need to get it out of your head that the more money we spend on you the more we like you. That is far from the case. For all you know the guy could be in "heat" and you just happen to be the "lucky one". Why does it matter where I take you? See your life …. long throat …


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