Top 4 Reasons Why You Are Getting Dumped


Almost every girl wonders what went wrong when she suddenly finds herself single again.  Was it something you did or said?  Sometimes yet, and sometimes no.  Here are some of the top reasons why men dump women.  Take a look and see which of these (if any) apply to your past breakups.


Have you ever acted sulky after your man went out for a night with his friends?  Has he ever had to explain to you who that girl was you saw him talking to?  Guys don’t like a jealous woman.  They may put up with you for awhile, but they will get sick and tired of your attitude and answering your million questions.  If you tend to be the jealous type, try your best to keep it under wraps.  At the very least, talk openly and honestly with your man about it and never accuse him of anything without having clear proof.

Out of Love

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.  For whatever reason, he may just not love you anymore or feel that “spark” that is so important for a couple.  If this happens to you, make it a learning experience!  Now you know what you like and don’t like.

Different values

You may be Agnostic and he is Christian.  Or you want to get married soon and he doesn’t.  Whatever the reason may be, the two of you have values that are just too different.  When you get over the hurt of being dumped you will realize that he did you a favor.  Do you really want to be with someone who holds different values?  If you do, expect significant challenges down the road.

Secrets Don’t Make Boyfriends

You may be a very private person.  You don’t want to tell him everything about you just yet.  However, be careful that you don’t hold your cards too close to your chest.  If you don’t let him in to know the real you, he may hightail it out of there wondering what you have to hide.

Now that you know some of the top reasons why men break up with women, examine your past relationships.  Is there a pattern? If you realize that you tend to be a jealous girlfriend, work on it and try to be better.  Don’t let any of these be reasons why you get broken up with again!


About the author: Julia is a writer passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When she’s not running her dog she can sometimes be found writing about laser liposuction, cooking and a myriad of other topics.



  1. Bull!
    Real reason: 1. Sex. 2.She let her self go. 3.He found someone hotter! 4.She not good in bed!
    Get fking real! Men are selfish. FULL STOP!

    Real reason why men get dumped: 1. They're cheaters. 2. They educated enough. 3. They're not man enough. 4.We got tired of their childish asses.
    Women are more reasonable.

  2. Why is this post so short?, and by the way Realgirl is just a bitter woman. Probably fat and ugly. They always seem to be the ones that make silly statement about "all" men.

    Not saying men are great, but that babe is definitely speaking from some serious issues

    • lol u wish! I bet if you see me in real life, you'd be intimidated. Na ur mama ugly! You be BUSH GIRL for real!

  3. Once again, an article about things women do wrong….when will there be an article about why men are single and can't find/keep a woman? These articles are always so biased as if great men are in abundance and women are the ones that are causing all their own problems. Mshheeeww!

  4. Jokes apart.
    I too am tired of women being told we're not "good girls" enough and that's why we're single. It's getting old. When I saw the title of the article I thought it was here to help both genders. Once again another bullshit!

    News Flash: Men get dumped too. There are women who will not settle for less and are happy being single. There are beautiful-drop dead gorgeous-educated-"good girls" who are still single.

    This article is just another ploy to keep women down and inflate the egos of those men who don't even know how to have healthy relationships, in the first place. Women know what they do wrong. Trust me, we hear it everyday. Our mothers tell us, our aunties tell us, our pastors tell us, our pastor's wife tells us, our elders at church tell us, heck the bible even makes us the villain (enemies). Just take a look at other cultures, we're depicted as the evil ones. The witch, the prostitute, the demon possessed, the bitch, e.t.c.

    Yet, it's that same bitch who gave birth to you, stayed with your cheating ass father. It's that same bitch who dated you, stayed with you through those tough times until you decide she's not good enough when you find a new tenderoni. It's the same bitch who put her life on the line to save the Jews (Queen Esther). It's the same bitch who never denied Jesus. She stood by his side and took care of his dead body. It's that same bitch that jumps through hoops to keep you alive when you're sick, it's that same bitch that sat at the front of the bus and refused to allow the white man hold her back (Rosa Parks). It's that same bitch that escaped slavery but looked back, remembered other slaves and decided she will risk her own life to save other slaves (Harriet Tubman). It's that same bitch that still stood by her man when he was caught cheating as a president with an intern bitch. Overlooked all the embarrassment and shame her husband brought on the family (Hillary Clinton). It's that same bitch that puts her dream to the side to takes care of the kids just because you want to pursue your own dreams. It's the same bitch that uses herself as a human shield in Iraq trying to save those terrorists.

    Where is the respect that we deserve? Yet you open your dirty mouth trying to convince us to "try harder" to win over the jerks who don't know how appreciate us.

  5. Derez no need to be hard on @ real girl.yes we have our faults and can be real bitches but its really annoying because all we hear about is women doing this or that,messing up relationships and their homes.Dont men get jealous? a jealous woman may keep asking silly unneceassary questions but a jealous man will beat her silly…pls tell me who is fact the rate of battery by men these is alarming.
    Men, if you must know,before you dumped her she was already tired of you and was merely tolerating your existence cos she stupidly thought it would be difficult to start over after wasting so many miserable years with you.

  6. Am still single seeking 4 God fearing lady,loving,caring. That will also love my family aswell.any lady out there should call me through my lines 08073681440 or 07068177472 but i dont want fat lady o,from Osun State, Seye by name.

    • ROTFLMAO…..see advert naah…you will get a quicker response from the sun newspaper or alternatively you can go to the mountain ,fast and pray for 100days….posters and flyers wont be bad either.

  7. U gurls are al crazy cos it seem u dnt knw wat it take 4 a guy 2 stand by u’re sayn d truth.dose gurls post dat rubbish are jack-ass,dey 1 wh doesn’t care abt their grt 4cuk bloody grandma advice.i dnt giv a damn if ready 2 face me wt ur smellin yannsh.jst try me;
    Al of dose gurls wey insult d author na dey crazy.nd u fool sud nt tink may i dnt knw al of na.make na try me again;08165851781

  8. RotfLmfao…too bad an honest nd interestin piece lyke dis generated cat fights, adverts nd gender conflict… Anyway in as much as ladies nid 2 reflect nd learn 4rm past breakups, guys also nid do same(maybe a little more dan they do presently)

  9. Hi ♈’all ladies I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the house! Ladies would always b̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ ladies! Please, as a matter of fact, we gats learn instead of generating blind arguements. Let’s learn the basics of our men α̲̅πϑ Н̲̅Ơ̴̴͡ώ †• Keep them from other ladies α̲̅πϑ at d same time, guys try †• Give a lil more respect †• The ladies where necessary. Guys fight for Чυя babes instead of cheating with their fellow ladies. Ladies let’s love the guys a lil more. This should D̶̲̥̅̊ø for now…looking forward †• Hear positive reports….

  10. wow realgirl, i guess being a bitch jst comes naturally to u… Gurl u need 2 deal wit ur shit, i by d way wuld suggest yoga.

    • Yoga is a good idea. Come one, I bet you got this idea from when your dad gave your mum the same advice (cos you're not that smart) . Sure, I'll be taking yoga if she starts first 😉

      I represent the bitch you'll marry sweetheart…

  11. @realgirl- i wuld be careful if i were u cos u jst might end up as an old, lonely nd embittered hag… BT IF BY SME WIERD TWIST OF FATE I END UP WIT A BITCH AS OBNOXIOUS AS U 4 A WIFE, SMART OR NOT I GUESS I WULD CONTEMPLATE COMMITIN SUICIDE SECONDS AFTER EXCHANGING VOWS…

  12. yeh realgirl u sound lyk sum real lonely, bitter, ugly, dumped fat girl and since you’re mad at dat yoga suggestion i advice u to go put ur big stank ass on a diet cuz its gona take dat long for you to get in shape. nomatter who that piece is being directed at it can still be of help to both sex, thats if ur smarter than my teddy.


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