Top 3 Reasons Why Couples Divorce


Divorce is an ugly thing. It is scary to know that 50 to 60% of newly weds get divorced and they all need to consult the expertise of professionals like the Las Vegas divorce lawyers. Not all marriages fail for the same reason but there are reasons that are most common than others.  Why do people divorce? M.I.S.: Money, infidelity, sex.

Money: Whether we admit it or not, money problems are some of the most common reasons why people divorce. There is no universal way to manage money. Each couple is different and manages money differently. However, there are many problems that can arise in a couple due to the lack of money management skills. Here are some instances:

–          One spouse spends uncontrollably: Some people are just not good at managing money. It can be very frustrating when your partner spends too much money on not necessary things when you on the other hand are more concerned about saving money for retirement, college funds for kids, or even the unexpected. One way to deal with the situation could be to let the most money savvy in the relationship handle all the finances. If you both are not good at managing money, it could be of great interest for you to see a financial advisor.

–          One partner is loaded with debts: first off, when you decide to be a couple and work as a team, you take the good and the bad from each other. Debts might be a bad thing but one spouse’s debts become the couple’s debt once you are married. If you share good things from each other, you should be able to share bad things as well. To prevent this kind of problems, you should talk about all your debts and assets before marriage. Not only should you talk about it, you should also agree on how you want to deal with the situation.

Infidelity: Well defined as the quality of being unfaithful, infidelity has no excuse. It has been said over and over that by saying “I do,” you agree to be with your partner until death do you part. For both men and women, the result of infidelity can be devastating and lead to a divorce. Although statistics vary on this subject, it has been reported that 60% of men and 40% of women will participate in an extramarital affair at some point during their married life. What you do after you find out your spouse has been cheating is up to you but whatever you do, think about the consequences of staying in the marriage or getting a divorce.

Sexual problems: Lack of sex, pornography, masturbation and sexual fantasies are some of the most common sexual problems in marriages.

Before you end your marriage, think about ways to fix these issues or talk to an expert. However, if you and your spouse both agree that getting a divorce is the only option, it may be a challenge to come up with an agreement that makes both of you happy. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the divorce process in a mutually agreeable and timely fashion. Your attorney can also support your interests if your spouse’s attorney is trying to push you into an agreement about which you’re unsure.

By Nathalie Kouamou

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  1. i dont know about money sha…sex is only when it is infidelity, & may i emphasise in my honest opinion that shagging someone else doesn’t break anything, unless it’s the woman being a whore…simple

    • Wow! Such Ignorance!!

      Money is definitly a huge reason!

      being unfaithful (male or female) breaks trust, which is very hard to rebuild in a marriage. I personally would never tolerate it.


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