To My Future Valentine


To My Future Valentine

Dear Sweetheart,

As you know, Valentine’s Day is the most publicised day of the celebration of love so I do hope you’ll get with the hype and act accordingly. I do hope you’ll read this before the day as I wont mention it again.

In order to avoid confusion, I thought I would inform you of my gift preferences. As you know I aim to look my best at all times and as a lady that starts with my hair. I usually use a mix of Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian (14 inches, colour 2). I need a new bundle of Brazilian but feel free to surprise me.

With regards to clothes and shoes, Im sure you’ve noticed I only shop in NEXT, ZARA and Russell & Bromley and you obviously know Im a size 10 and shoe size 6. Its such a shame that my last blue dress from ZARA got burnt (Code: ZA276531) because it would have perfectly matched those gold shoes from Russell & Bromley(Code:RB112469) but then again darling you know how I love surprises.

Its only been a year so I know you wont be thinking about getting me a car but then again I cant stop you from expressing your love. At least you know my favourite colour.

Just for future reference, you do remember how I detest Cadbury right? Ferrero Rocher or Lindt Lindor should be fine. Also, red roses are a little cliché, I’d prefer pink but that’s just by the way.

What are your thoughts on a weekend getaway? I’ve been thinking about a weekend away in Paris but its a tad bit pricey and you know how independent I am, I cant have you pay for it. I’d suggest a quiet three course dinner at my favourite restaurant. Certainly not a home cooked meal at yours, I need enough to be able to have pictures to show everyone I had a spectacular day.

Oh goodness! What if you wanted to propose! You know how I love attention, it must be in a central location with all my friends so they can flood instagram and facebook. Remember that beautiful sapphire ring I showed you last week? I trust your taste so I’m not worried.

Im certain you will see this in time. I cant wait to see what you have planned. I know well have an awesome time.

PS: I know you suggested we go to church so I think we could do morning mass so we have the rest of the day free.

All my love,
21st Century Girlfriend

By Ayensua


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