This is a rebuttal to …. “ It does not matter what I look like… I am a man.”


This is a rebuttal to …. “ It does not matter what I look like… I am a man.”

It does not matter what I look like… I am a man.

Bella it is not your fault.

She brings up some valid points about staying in shape. Not only is it physically appealing to your mate but also imperative for health reasons. She makes a point about men demanding their babe stay in the gym, while they themselves shack a crate of small stout every night. Unfortunately her argument is invalid on a couple of counts.

First of all, most women will admit that men are more visual creatures than women. When a man meets a woman at the club he normally says something to the tune of “look at that dime over there”. As opposed to when a woman meets a guy, she normally say something like “we had great conversation and he has a great smile”. There is no doubt that a woman is somewhat stimulated by a man’s appearance but it is not paramount in the decision to engage the guy. Most men will only approach a woman that they are attracted to. So when a guy starts to date a girl, he starts with physical attraction and then digs deeper into the other attributes. A woman does the opposite. So it is should be natural that when both man and woman start to gain weight, it is more imperative for the woman to lose weight. Women are attracted to our personality first, so as long as we keep our behaviors and character the same then nsobgu adiro (No problem).

What was your bait when you caught him? Was it not your booty looking amazing in those jeans or your twins hanging out for fresh air in that tank top? Now you want him to all of a sudden forget what you used to catch him and focus on your personality? Does not make sense.

In my humble opinion it is really important that a woman maintains her shape as much as possible. Since you guys regard Ms. Beyonce Knowles as the leader of the “I am woman movement” you should follow her advice in the song “Cater to you”. There is a line in the song that goes something like “Keep my figure right, so I can be the same chic you fell in love with”. This song should in fact be every woman’s theme song, but that’s a different subject.

Nothing is more annoying than talking to a babe and she informs you that she does not work out because she does not like to sweat. I sit back and shake my head because after child birth she is in trouble. Women blame men and say that we have big belly after marriage; keep in mind that this is the same woman who has now abandoned the freak’um dress for the wrapper. No more rocking the seven jeans cause she has traded those in for mom jeans.

Before and After
Before and After

I understand that men who are sloppy and useless should not demand that their wives get in shape. But if the guy is in decent shape he has all the right to demand that wifey gets her butt in the gym. The obligation to get in the gym should fall on the woman rather than the man because after all your body was the bait to start (Some might have used something else but 80% of woman use their body).


  1. Ok.. Ok.. Ok… Mekus…

    Me personally I am in shape. I workout and take care of myself, not to impress anyone, but I do it for myself. So the article does not apply to me, however, I know several couples that this applies to. I disagree with some of your statements. Contrary to what you think, women do care about the physical appearance of a man. Yes we do. If a man approaches me to toast me and he does not fit the build sorry we are not having a "good" conversation. The whole point of my article is, I hate it when I hear husbands nag their wives about their weight, when they themselves look nothing like they did 10 years ago when they got married… Losing weight is not easy. I know, because I have been there. After I had my children and got older, the weigt came. I did what I had to do to get it off. So my dear, it does matter what a man looks like O! If you have gained 20lbs (and did not carry children for 9 months and give birth to them) simply because you have poor eating habits or age or whatever, and I have done the same because I have carried and had your children, PLEASE do not nag me about my weight. I will take care of it if I want to… We women like to sport a good looking man off our shoulders too. Not a fat, sweaty over weight man… We also want the entire package… Just like you all do…

  2. @Doubleprince…her husband's pride? is she his property or somn?

    And who says women aren't visual creatures? Sorry but if you are lugging around 100lbs of excess weight, i aint trynna hear bout any conversation cos i wont even let it get there.Your physical appearance appeals to me first so i dunno where mekus got this idea of women "not being visual creatures" from. And if i am busting my ass to stay in shape, you better join me in the gym otherwise i just might find another aesthetically pleasing man and move on. Its a 2 way street. You cant be a slob and think you are entitled to an active woman.

  3. I can't even begin to imagine the level of stupidity and ignorance that it takes to be able to write something as moronic, misguided & misogynistic as this.

    Thanks for the laugh though ;~)

    • I totally agree, this is pile of crap…typical patriarchal switches turned on to help men control women…so now men have a right to dictate what women look like while they get fat and out of shape! Please! And please note WOMEN ARE CHANGING…the visual element of a man is becoming more and more important to women too!

  4. *Rubbish* Mekus, u go school @ all? B/c u no sabi dat ting dem dey call logic. Anyway, my men know better than to think so stupidly; they live in fear of being recycled if they slip.

  5. I totally disagree with u becos u don’t. Knw what women go through.pregnancy,givin birth,lookin after not easy women shd be encouraged.


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