Think Like a Woman That You Are, Not a Man


Till date, I have completely refused to watch the movie “Think like a man and act like a lady” simply because I disapprove of the title. Call me an unnecessarily controversial being, but I see no reason why a lady should think like a man. Why is she a lady then??? Imagine how vague the world would have been had everyone’s thought pattern be in unism…

Both genders – male and female are beautifully made but not complete without the other, at least to the best of my knowledge. When I say ‘not complete without the other’, I am not talking about relationships, I am talking about general human affairs. Both genders need eachother to reach maximum potentials.

Why is diversity in culture, people, activities beautiful? Because it broadens horizons! That is the reason people that think it pointless to travel in order to experience cultural diversities- or at least read all sorts to gain knowledge about the rest of the world, end up with the most shallow mentalities.

If the female gender came about to complete the man, then why in the heck should a woman think like a man? Maybe this came about because most woman, rather than assume positions as women of valor, of grace and support that they are, would rather limit themselves into becoming some clueless blonde, thinking it cute. Cluelessness/stupidity isn’t cute! It is simply what it is,sheer stupidity.

A woman ought to think like a women! Someone who can help out with what a man cannot do alone, a strong force, a master planner! Need I go on??? Hence my anger with the saying, ‘think like a man and act as a lady’.


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