The Ring On My Finger Makes Me 10 Times More Attractive


We’ve all heard this before… Well some of us – Mostly guys though. The fact that having a wedding band on your finger automatically makes you 10 times more attractive. Sometimes, just having a girlfriend is enough sef.

I’m not sure if most girls will agree with me… some might downright tell me to get my head out of the clouds, but I’m convinced I know what I’m talking about. I’ve witnessed, seen and experienced it (not the marriage part tho)

I talked to one of my married friends and after small gist here and there, we eventually got into the subject of married life (as always). I asked him how it feels to be married and all, and one of the first things he said was “You wont believe how much more girls flirt with me just cos of this ring on my finger. As in…which kind wahala be dis?” He further explained that most girls seem to flirt more, be more “friendly,” and just generally make themselves soooo much more available…. Some even make direct moves. Now before everyone jumps up and down, my friend never hinted to cheating or anything like that. He just said that he noticed the stack difference between when he was single and now that he is married.

I remember thinking to myself also… the difference in “play” I get when I’m in a relationship and when I’m not is pretty significant. It’s almost like, when you’re single you get what you get… some babes here and there… dates here and there…some do shakara and others don’t. But when you have a girlfriend or wife, all of a sudden, babes are showing you more green light than you’ve seen before, and some just down right tell you what they want. Like… talks about ballsy. Hopefully no one feels like I’m calling them out, cos I’m not. This all just came from a convo with a friend. Also I’m not saying all women flirt with married men o… I know how my readers can be extra-sensitive, and there are still a good deal of women/girls that respect themselves and the sanctity of marriage. But more than a few do actually seem to get off on knowing someone is attached or unavailable.

My cousin (a married woman) explained to me that it’s all about wanting what you can’t have. In her words, “if a baby sees a toy with another baby, he automatically wants that toy, and if he gets it, and the other baby gets another toy, he wants that one too. If no one wants the toy then he doesn’t want it either. No woman wants a man that no one wants, and some want the man that everyone wants, or someone else has.” She also explained that the most clueless men are the most attractive. So does this also apply to men also? Cos I don’t see this behavior from men… then again I might be blind to it. Ladies, help me out here.

Now the question here is, are all men tripping about this notion of being more attractive when you’re hooked up? Is it true? Why is it so? What is the attractive factor to married men or men in relationship… I really want to hear from babes on this one. Now I just want to remind everyone that this is totally anonymous so no need to form or sugarcoat what you have to say. Say it as it is.


  1. I will say that for the most part men respect relationships. There are a few that may turn it into a competition and say something like "I can take you from your man," but that seems more of a way to one up the man and not necessarily be with the woman. But for the most part, men wait for you to be available before they make a move (in my experience)

    As far as a man being more attractive with a ring or a girl…not in my book. If a guy is attractive, he's attractive, girl or no girl. For me, if a man is in a relationship and I notice that he is readily engaging in flirty or risque behavior, he automatically becomes unattractive because he's a cheater. So even if I was able to have him for myself, the headache of constantly watching my back for the next man snatcher would be too much.

    With that said, for those women who think it is "cute" to go after a taken man GOD PUNISH YOU!

  2. Oh and to answer the question about what is attractive about taken men…

    From what I have heard, it is their willingness to commit. There are some messed up women in this world, who just want a man to cling to in order to feel validated as a person. They can't exist unless they have a man, even if it's a part-time man. These women have serious emotional and esteem issues. To want a man that is taken is not a sin (it's natural to be attracted to a man), but to go after a man that is taken is a sickness.

  3. I respect the sanctity of marriage and relationships. I will say that there is something about being in a relationship that makes one appear to be more attractive. Especially, when it was some dude who was toasting you for ages, and you fronted for him. The instant you see him boo'ed up, it's like he suddenly becomes hot and attractive and you wonder why you aint give him a chance, haha.

  4. You're absolutely wrong. Yes, your head is in the clouds 😮

    Let's assume that the woman truly is more friendly now that you have the ring, it could simply mean that she feels you're a safe bet. No harassment or innuendos to deal with so she is simply at ease with you… it doesn't mean she wants to take you home.

    Perhaps since you got the ring, you're wife has done a great job improving your appearance so that you're getting noticed a lot more and the woman is friendly because you look nice and decent not because she wants to have an affair with you. You know there a 1000 reasons why you perceive you're getting noticed but please don't assume that it is the ring because it is probably not.

    • For someone that was not supposed to reading this, u sure have a lot to say…lol.

      I agree with u to a certain degree, but it seems u have every excuse in the world to defend what u're saying

    • Interesting. U make a point, but that’s in some cases… In other cases some females have told me that there’s just something attractive about a man that is married or in a relationship.

  5. Bros I'm so with u on this. Most babes will deny, but the ones that keep it real will tell u that, u're more attractive to females when u're committed to someone else.

  6. From my observations, when a man or a woman is in a satisfying relationship they tend to be more secure, more confident, and more self-assured. These qualities are attractive, and perhaps that is what draws others to them. They tend to stand out as the ones who are not trying too hard, because while others in the same setting might be scrambling for Mr./Mrs. Right (Now), that individual is chill because they know what they are going home to. So it is possible that people are more attracted to those who are unavailable, I would like to think that perhaps for these aforementioned reasons.

    As for a wedding ring being attractive? Tufiakwa! God forbid that is the case for anyone. I respect the sanctity of marriage and once I see a ring, or even get a vibe that he's in a relationship (spoken or otherwise), its time to move on.


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