The Art Of S-Texting


Hey!! It’s 2012. Technology has helped us in every aspect of life and with that also comes more creative ways to do the interesting things in life. What’s more interesting that sex? Really.

One of the most fun aspects of the foreplay before sex without being in the same location is the flirting that leads to the main event. In some cases there is some “sexting” involved and the more skilled you are at sexting, the greater the anticipation you can build before you meet the party on the other side.

I’m a fan of sexting and all the pre activities that comes with this wonderful device called a smart phone. Blessings to the inventor, because I’m not sure where my life would be without it.

The beautiful thing about sexting is the fact that you can exchange sexy and sometimes raunchy messages & pictures without the idea of having to see that person face to face immediately. Sometimes you never have to meet them. But there are some rules & guidelines to be a successful sexter without the backfiring or turning off the other person.

Here are some I’ve come up with (as an experienced sexter right? not really!!)

Make Sure It’s Cool First

I’ve had convos with guys via text or BB and before you know what’s happening they are like “ah you’re looking sexy o. I’d like to see more of the sexy you.” Bros relax man. We just exchanged BBs a few mins ago, can we just have regular conversation first before you start pouncing and asking for photos.

The key to having a good sexting session is ensuring both parties are comfortable with the scenario and are in a good enough relationship to proceed.


Dont force the issue

Sometimes one party is not comfortable with the idea of sexting and that’s perfectly fine. It’s not meant for everyone, and not everyone is comfortable sending “interesting” messages or pics over the phone so let it be.

Don’t be too pushy, or begging too much. That does nothing but piss the other person off or make you look like a desperado. Guys especially take note. It’s you guys that do this a lot.


Be Descriptive and Don’t Always Rely On Images

This is less of a rule and more of a guideline. I know men are more visual creatures but as a girl that grew up reading M&B novels I’ve learned (and I think I speak for most women) that the more detail you use to describe something, the more interesting it is. Don’t just tell me you want to have sex with me. Tell me in detail. Step by step of what exactly you want to do and how? From the moment you arrive at my door to the moment I’m laid out on my bed with my legs open. (*laughs*guys hold your horses) Yes. Be descriptive.

It’s the fun in sexting. If it was all about sending dirty pictures then I can google that myself.


Never Show Your Face

This particularly applies when you start sending pictures and mini videos. I can’t count the number of times nude pictures of my good fellow sexters have leaked. Leaks are bound to happen, either by accident or by the goof ball you’re sexting who decides to leak them.

Either way, you’re best bet is to not have your face showing in any picture or video. If your face is not in it, no one can ever prove it’s you. Unless of course you have your name “Shinaenae” tatted on you breasts.

Heck, sometimes a suggestive picture does the trick better than any naked picture would.


Leave No Evidence

Once your sexting session is done, then do yourself and your partner a favor and clear history. Sometimes we want to leave the messages there so we can go back and read and see the pics but before you know what’s happening, you forget and someone else gets a hang of your phone. That’s how leaks happen.

Plus it’s never cool to have random evidence laying around in your phone anyways. It’s like leaving condoms on the floor after sex. Where they do that at?


Don’t Drink & Sext

I think is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re tipsy or drunk while sexting you’re bound to make one of the mistakes of sexting, like sending a picture of yourself butt naked with your face showing, or saying something totally unsexy. For guys, I can always tell when you’re drunk. The message are more explicit and tasteless.

Not sexy at all.


Anyways, people. That’s it from me, Jummai. I don’t hold my tongue for many people, so feel free to judge me. You never know, might ban me, or hire me seeing as my last post about sex on the first date was such a huge topic. 56 comments and counting. Didn’t know my little opinion was going to start a huge debate. I truly appreciate the comments.

Remember sexting is not for everyone, but for those who engage stay safe and smart.

Let’s start the discussion. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Good article although I feel Rule number 1 should be: Never Show Your Face!

    Sidenote: What do u do when ure innocently chatting with a guy and he just sends u a peen shot that u aren't interested in seeing? That's happened 2 me a few times and I swear the s**t puts me off big time!

  2. Personally, I feel after sexting you gonna want more as dude or lady. Distance makes lovers do crazy things though

  3. Personally, I feel after sexting you gonna want more as a

    dude or lady. Distance makes lovers do crazy things though

  4. Sexting is fun and i am of the opinoin it draws us closer and sets up the right mood when we finally meet. Thanks for the article and the guidelines are so on point.

  5. I’m a serious α̲̅πϑ ardent fan of sexting! I do it almost everyday! M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ α̲̅πϑ my girlie. The rules A̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ cute α̲̅πϑ tru! All fellows not sexting, u r missing a great deal! The description rule is the koko of all the rules! Jummai, ….On point!!!!!


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