Six DOs and Don’ts On How To Spend Valentine’s Day



Every year I look forward to this day. I would sit and wait in anticipation, who would be my secret valentine? How many cards would I receive? Would they know my favourite flowers?

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, passion and romance and is the most anticipated day in the year for couples. Though, it does come with its problems. Have you ever felt that even when you’re in a relationship, you still don’t have a great valentine’s day?
Those things don’t quite go according to plan? That after V-day, you’re left with a sense of disappointment? Or maybe you’re single?

Being single and V-day don’t go hand in hand, it’s a day singles loathe and despise. It’s inevitable that if you’re single on V-day, you’re bound to be unhappy about it. But what if I said that to you that whether you’re single or not, you’re going to have a great time by following my six do’s and don’ts.

1. Do go out! If you’re in a relationship, take your partner out to dinner/cinema/shopping, basically any outdoor event! Everyone loves a romantic gesture and they’ll thank you for it, in a way you’ll love (wink wink) and if you’re single…Do the same! But with your single friends, it’s rare that you’ll be the only single person on V-day and if you are…read my other blog ‘How to find a GOOD man’ but seriously though, go out for drinks and bitch over your exes, safe in the knowledge that some other poor sucker is going through hell.

2. Don’t call your ex! We’ve all been there, wondering whether we made the right choice but call it a cliché…they are exes for a reason. I don’t need to say whether you’re single or not, it’s just downright Noooooo! You may end up doing something you will really regret.

3. Do something Amazing! Ok, maybe that might be a little bit overdoing it but fill the day with surprises. In a relationship? Surprise your partner, with little notes saying why you love them or send a big bunch of flowers, either way you do it, just surprise them. Single? Do something you wouldn’t normally do, within moral lines of course! It could be something small like visiting someone you haven’t seen in a while (no exes) or even parachuting! Whatever you choose do, make it worthwhile.

4. Don’t do what you did last year valentine’s day! Single? Well…I can only assume if you were single last year, that you spent the day in your PJ’s with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s crying to romantic sad songs. Leave the ice cream alone, you’ll get fat and end up more miserable, basically change it up! In a relationship? Just because you did something really good, doesn’t mean you should do it twice. Your partner will appreciate the difference and effort you put into making this Valentine’s Day even more special.

5. Do go on holiday! In a relationship? There is nothing more romantic than jetting off on a romantic surprise getaway with your partner, so why not treat them this Valentine’s Day? Book a top secret hotel and whisk your partner away. Single? Book a mini getaway with your friends and who knows you might just meet someone.


6. Don’t put pressure on yourself or your partner to do something, whether single or not. It’s a day about love and happiness, no matter who you’re with. So don’t lose sight of that.


What are your Valentine’s Dos and Don’ts and what do you think of mine? Comment in the section below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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