Sick of Nigerian Men? Try Chinese Men Instead


With regards to the title, no pun intended. I think Chinese men are cool… I guess. I don’t even know, but yeah… I mean no disrespect.

Men. Please raise your hands if you’ve heard “Nigerian men are controlling, Nigerian men are too dry, Nigerian men don’t have swag, Nigerian men are too cheap, Nigerian men are too this and that, and all that in between.” Ok hands down, cos I can’t see with all the hands in the air.

I was having a conversation with some friends, both male and female, and somehow a story of a guy that did something to his wife came up, and before I knew what was happening it was full blown bakassi war against Nigerian men because of this one character. All I kept hearing was, “see that’s why I don’t like naija men… they do this, they do that. They treat American women better, they like oyimbo women, they beat their wives, they stole my chewing gum”…ok I made that one up. But at some point I started feeling like with all these crimes against humanity that Nigerian man have committed, should we even be allowed to roam the earth?

These sort of complaints give me a damn headache because I believe in life we all have choices. If you feel ‘xyz’ about Nigerian men and don’t want to date them anymore, the solution is very simple. Try men from other areas. There are about 196 countries in the world so really, there are many fish in the sea… There’s Ghanaians, Liberians, Americans, Italians, Chinese, Iraqis, Cameroonians, Brazilians, British, Russian etc. I mean you get the point… Options plenty. If all else fails, try women.

We’ve been taught in our life that we have the power to choose. If you don’t like beans, you chop rice instead. If you don’t like tee-shirts, then wear button down shits. Oh you don’t like 2face? Ba wahala, Dbanj CD dey. It can be that simple. No need acting like you’re being forced to date us or that there’s this thing that has made it impossible for you to date other men.

I’ll give credit to the girls that do complain and actually date men from other races and nationalities. Kudos to them for doing what they feel instead of constantly whining in our ears over men we have no control over.

As a guy, I personally love Nigerian women. Yeah, they have their issues and what not, but I always say, that “if no be Naija, I no do“. I just love them the way they are… all their wahala and shakara join. No offense to Non-Naija babes, but that’s my choice though.

But I find that sometimes it’s not the same with our babes. We have to put up with all kinds of what we are (negatively) and what we are not (also negatively). At the end of the day it’s still the same Naija men that most of these babes end up dating or marrying.

So please ehn. Naija babes (that I love with all my heart) if you don’t think there are good Naija men, you can always try Chinese men. I heard they are pretty cool… I guess.

Peace out.

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  1. Maybe it's not that simple if you are actually interested in marrying a Nigerian man. I guess women complain because they want to see the behavior changed, not necessarily because they want to give up on Nigerian men.

  2. Aribaba, you are whining as well. "Woe is me, I can do nothing right in nigerian women's eyes. Leave me alone" That is the summary of your article. No wahala, you are allowed to express your views. Telling nigerian women to date outside is a valid solution granted but you already know foreigners are not our first choice. Here is a suggestion, rally your fellow men, and y'all exchange notes. Try coming to a consensus to change the bad behavior but don't dole out advice to women without considering if the complaints are valid.

  3. Aribaba & 40 stout, u left me laughing and rolling on the floor. "Option plenty. If all esle fails, try women" . That one na koko.

  4. If you flip the script, it's the same story. Nigerian Men often complain about Nigerian women and some of them date people from other cultures. I suppose if you analyze other cultures, the same complaining of the sexes would hold true as well. At the end of the day I believe you go with what you prefer, find the best and accept their faults; no one is perfect!

  5. Aribaba, they stole my chewing gum? loool

    i think its the same from both ends, Nigerian girls like money, Nigerian girls are razz (yes, i’ve heard that), Nigerian girls are bla, bla, bla…

    i like Nigerian men oh, for many reasons. It’s left for me to take care of, if i can’t stand the minuses in my man…but its the same with us as well. where i wan go marry before? India?


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