Shhh! 10 Leading Lies Women Tell Men!


We don’t mean to lie but we kinda have to, just to keep the peace.

Yes, we females are far from perfect.

I’m really sorry ladies; I guess I feel I owe it to them.

So here are the top 10 lies woman tell men. Once again, I’m really sorry ladies.

1)      I don’t care how much you earn. In my opinion, this is the biggest lie unless the woman knows beforehand he will never earn as much as her anyway, then it’s not really an issue. Woman do care, they want stability and financial fulfilment. If we know that you can’t provide that for us…well…in the words of a kanye ‘Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…’

2)      I don’t mind that you look at other woman. What? Really? Do you actually believe that? When a woman says this, she’s trying to prove to you that she’s an open minded and a patient person. Inside she’s screaming ‘how dare you look at her! In fact if she does say this lie…RUN! She’s more likely to be one of those jealous-psycho chicks…still think she’s worth it?


3)      I can’t wait to meet your mum. She can wait, a very, very long time. She probably would only want to meet her on the wedding day. Most women are scared of meeting the mothers, they know she’s the one who can make or break the relationship…


4)      I like your friends. She loves the fact that they strip her of all the time she could spend with you and she especially loves when you and your boys hang out at bars and clubs. She’s obviously lying to you, she’ll only say this to be accommodating at first but there is a limit!


5)      I’m in no rush to get married. Lie.Lie.Lie. She’s watching her biological clock, she’s attended too many of her friends weddings, and has already eyed her wedding dress. If it was possible, she would push you down that aisle!


6)      I never tell my girlfriends about you. She does, all the time. She tells them how wonderful you are, what you wear/eat/like/dislike basically EVERYTHING! Trust me there isn’t a conversation between the two of you that her girlfriends aren’t aware of.


7)      I like you just the way you are. This isn’t a lie per se, but there are probably one or two or three things that she’s planning to change about you. At least she isn’t insulting you, I mean no one is perfect right?


8)      I’m fine. She’s not. If you had to ask, then you should be smart enough to know she isn’t okay with you. Sooner or later, all that pent up anger she’s been holding in, will explode in your face. Woman use this lie as an emotional defense, we expect you to know what the problem is already.If you want to save your relationship, sort out the problem quickly.

 9)      I love sports! If you’re lucky enough to date a girl who does love sports, then this may not necessarily be a lie. However if  she hates watching sports, she’s lying to prove how much you have in common and that she’s different from all your other girlfriends. Speed up a couple of weeks and she’ll be complaining every time that you watch too much sports.

10)   I could never lie to you. If we lived in a perfect world, perhaps.

So now you know, your women are from perfect but then neither are you. Most women only lie to you to protect you and to save their own skins in some situations. Good thing about these lies are they are not intended to hurt you just mostly to flatter you.

I am not condoning or condemning women that lie but showing that these lies are part of everyday life and nor am I generalising that every woman lies.

So do you agree or disagree with my top ten lies? What other ‘lies’ did I leave out?  Let me know your views in the comments section.




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