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We all know what it takes to become pregnant but let’s fast forward a little bit here. You had sex and a few days later, you missed your period, and your belly started getting bigger. Now, you want to know if it is both safe for you and your unborn child to still have sex during pregnancy. There are many factors that will influence your sexual practice during pregnancy such as, the physical and emotional aspect of your pregnancy, yours and your partner’s beliefs about sex, and much more.

For some, sex during pregnancy can be more enjoyable. There is an increase in vaginal lubrication, engorgement of the genital area that helps some women become more orgasmic. The fact that sex during pregnancy is seen as pleasure as opposed to procreation can increase the desire to have sex while being pregnant. For a normal pregnancy, sex is safe during all or most stages of the pregnancy. On the other hand, just because sex is safe during pregnancy does not mean that you will want to have it. While some women may feel large and uncomfortable with their body while pregnant, some men find the pregnant body erotic and desirable. Communicating with your partner can help you better understand each other’s feelings and desires.

For others, factors such as fear of hurting the baby, fatigue, nausea, and awkwardness can make the sex act not as pleasurable. If you are having a complicated pregnancy, just leave sex out of the equation. A “complicated pregnancy” refers to a high risk of complications such as miscarriage, bleeding, early labor… Talk to your doctor or your personal care provider about whether or not you fall into this category. Other alternative you and your partner might consider is oral/anal sex and self pleasure. However, there is a precaution that you and your partner should take while engaging in oral sex. Your partner should not blow air into your vagina because it might cause a blockage of blood vessels by an air bubble (air embolism). Also, be aware of both your partner’s sexual and physical health.

Sexual positions will also have to be changed as the pregnancy progresses. Finding a comfortable position for intercourse becomes more of a challenge as your belly grows. Pregnancy is a good opportunity for you and your partner to get more creative and try new sexual positions.

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  1. Very interesting… for some odd reason the thought of sex during pregnancy freaks me out…lol. Nice article though… very enlightening.

  2. i think at the early stage of the pregnancy is good to have sex but when its late it may be risky… anyway it was a nice article

  3. i don’t mind sex during pregnancy but mine has been complicated but my partner seems to keep wanting it even though i can’t do anything. Need to be taking it easy. what should i do?


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