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Okay. So after reading the article “NigeriaWomenvsAfricanAmericanWomen”, and reading the comments that were posted under it, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was alone. Alone in being mature enough to judge people based on their actions instead of ignorant stereotypes. Because that’s what the article was: ignorance. Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, and every person is entitled to have a preference in terms of what type of guys or gals they want to date. However, to make sweeping generalizations about racial categories is useless because as generalizations, such deductions don’t apply to every person in the group!

 I’m not going to re-hash the short post here. And for the record, I mean no offense to the author–I wasn’t offended by what he wrote (although too bad for him if he thinks African girls are uglier, just saying). But I was reminded of how there is STILL so much tension between Africans and African Americans. Why do we feel the need to categorize each other and pull each other down?


I want the negative stereotyping of African Americans by Africans to stop. I, for example, cannot control what others say about me, but I can change my attitude towards other people. If someone wants to think that I’m an African-Booty-Scratcher, their loss. But I am not going to look at a black man walking down the street and automatically assume that he’s a drug dealer or that he has no education. If I were to treat a person as a stereotype of their culture, I would be missing out on the wealth of information he or she may have to share. Every human being has a different story, and different wisdom to give. Sure, there are similarities among the majority of people in every culture, but my point is that we should look past that and look at individuals when making conclusions.


You may be wondering where all of this is coming from. Well, after reading the post mentioned above, I couldn’t help but remember all the not-so-nice things my parents have said about African Americans, and how hurt some of my Black friends (none of whom fit the stereotypes) would feel if they heard those comments. Call me a hippie, call me a socialist, call me whatever you like, but I’m interested in hearing your views. How about we go into this new year with a resolution to judge people on a case-by-case basis, and not based on what we think we know about their background?

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  1. Very well said. Thank you for posting this! Maybe those that read this will open up their minds and realize that generalizations only leads us to being even more counterproductive. I cannot stand when I hear people stereotyping…what does that accomplish? All of this separation gets us no where. Instead of focusing on what sets us apart..why not come together on the foundation of common ground? Just a thought. Nonetheless, I like this. Thanks again!

  2. I agree with your post. Part of the problem is lack of education from both sides, our african brothers and sisters failed to study the history of African Americans, the only information we get on African Americans are from the media instead of history books. If you pay close attention you will realize the media is bias and sometimes racist. On the other hand, a lot of african americans do not know enough about the new african culture so they make ignorant comments. I believe it is our duty to educate ourselves and our african americans counterparts to better understand each other to improve our culture relations. Also a lot of times people don't realize that the reason why majority of africans are in this country is because of the sacrifices of the African Americans, if our countries were so great we would still be living in them but it is not. So please respect the people that allowed us to experience and enjoy the american dream. Personally, I have educated my parents to stop the stereotypes, they realized that we have a lot in common and we are all family. If you we continue this abuse on our brothers and sisters we will be divided, that is what colonialism did to africa, causing neighbors, tribes, different skin colors to turn on each other. Let us unite and embrace ourselves. We should all be proud of being one family.

    • Thank you. I am an African American woman married to a West African man (3 years). My family embraces him. In fact, I am a little jealous because my mom shops for food to cook for him. Any family member (of mine) who come in contact with him fall in love. The discussions are rich. People actually sit at the dinner table and ask questions about Africa culture and he about America culture (he's been living here over 10 years). My back ground is very mixed (African, American Indian, Irish, Chinese, East Indian…) Very mixed! You will never get bored with the phenotypic variety in my family. Anyway, I have yet to travel to visit his family face to face. We use the phone and internet to communicate. It is through the way I treat and care for my husband that has won their hearts and encouraged them. They find some comfort in knowing that he is loved. We (AA and A) can get along well. Opening our minds and hearts will be the way to unifying and building community and healthy relationships.

    • I agree and these irrational stereotypes begin with our parents and their notation of throwing the "Akata" word around. I honestly find it racist. I took the time to study African-American history in a class called Race and Ethnicity. African Americans have been oppressed for hundreds of years who are we to come again and continue to degrade them. Lack of education, understanding, and empty-mindedness lead to this..

  3. FYI the author of the post you’re talking about is a woman. It’s so easy to jump on here and start male bashing but get your data together.

  4. Well said guys and girls. It will go a long way in making the world a better place. Africans and African American needs to come together as one. I will never forget the help that I received from my African American friends when I migrated to US.


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