Raw Onugbu: Who Should Join a Couple? Pastor or Father to the Bride/Groom?


Whom to join a couple; pastor or father to the bride/groom???Before saying “The pastor of course”, take a moment to understand the argument here. If you are a Christian in the house, wave your hands in the air!! Ok, I see you. Here’s a question for you, since the bible encompasses the principles by which Christians live; who joined Isaac and Rebekah, or David to his wives? I’d let that marinade… in fact no!

So here’s my argument; Abraham had a big influence in choosing a wife for his son Isaac. Rebekah’s family gave their blessings and when Isaac saw her, he took her into his tent and married her (Sex). As for King David, King Saul blessed the marriage- for whatever reasons. Notice that so far, there’s been no mention of a third party joining the couple asides from the family heads approving of their partners. While I am not going to be the know-it-all, arguing against all the tenets of the church, I see no place for a pastor when it comes to marriages.

In honoring my father and mother; I allow them influence my decision in choosing a partner and giving us their blessings, which I believe holds more grounds.

How did this idea of white weddings come to be at the first place? Is it in the bible, because; only if I need some spiritual eye-opener to open my eyes, I don’t see it? I see no rings, no white weddings, no sex champions wearing white on their wedding day etc….. But, I do not underestimate the office of fathers and mothers at all. My heart goes out to people with ‘underserving parents’, but as long as the principles of your folks are aligned with what should be; I believe you are good to go. In fact, it could be argued that whether your folks are spiritual or not, their blessings still matter; I mean, no one is meant for anyone in particular. So, if your ‘ungodly’ folks approve of someone that is seemingly wrong, the person might end up being fantastic right?

Some people have a problem with Catholics asking Mary (The mother of Jesus), to help them ask Jesus for favors. They argue that the spirit of God went into all men after the curtains separating the Holies of holies was torn from bottom up following the death of Jesus Christ; which lead the Spirit of God into all men. Yet, they have no problem with asking a pastor to bless their marriage, which they believe would make Jesus automatically, certify the marriage a Christian one.

I haven’t said all but I have said enough! Be sure to join me next Friday as I write about the appropriate body count for both male and female before the final hookup. No need to be shy, you ain’t no virgin *in my ghetto voice*


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