Raw Onugbu: Sized Don’t Matter As Long As You Know How To Work It


Whenever I say s3x is the last thing on my mind … Our Nigerian brothers are most likely to say, “Titi it is because you haven’t been with me. If I handle you, your legs might be useless for 2 weeks”. In fact, a friend of mine from Akwa Ibom, once bragged about his ability to last 2 hrs in bed; and I am like “Why in the heck will I want to stretch my legs for 2 hours! Am i getting trained to participate in the Olympics or what?” But I digress…..

You would only think short men are egotistical if you haven’t met a proper African man. It is either they argue over strength, bedroom skills or pole size *If you know what I mean* While size goes a long way for many, I will keep reiterating the fact that size don’t matter as long as you know how to work it… Ok Kids go to bed now, let me talk to married adults…

Do you have any idea the number of women that fake orgasms in marriage? Making exaggerated noises just so you feel good about yourself and get off their bodies? OMG!!!! Why is she writing about s3x?! Why the heck not!?!

A colleague, whose husband is a pastor, recently said to me “babe when it comes to that level, he is a full blooded man not my pastor”. So if a man feels that way about sex to the point where he almost forgets his calling, how do you think women feel about it? Or you think because we have to act life wives (whatever that means….) we do not enjoy sex?

Get to know your woman’s body… BOOM BOOM POW doesn’t cut it. Also, as our faces differ, so do our bodies. What pleases girl A might not please girl B… So thinking you need a pole as big as that rocky guy in the movie *fantastic 4* to please a woman is a wrong notion. Thinking you need to move as fast as a humping dog to please your woman, is also a wrong notion. Drop what you think you know, and get to know your lady more….




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