Raw Onugbu: Mounting Body Counts


I remember coming across a story online where it was stated that Kim kardashian had slept with over 15 men in the entertainment industry, and a lot of people had something to say. But, I’d address Nigerians since we had a lot more to say. Before i go into that, let me tell you a true story…

My daddy suddenly got fascinated by this church; so on my arrival to Abuja for the holidays, he bundled the whole family (my cousins, aunties, family friends and siblings) to this crusade the church was having. After sitting through the pastor proclaiming miracle visa calls, husbands (in fact, single ladies were told to pay 6k each to have a piece of one cheap looking cake on the alter *definitely not worth anything close to the demanded amount* as a symbol of miracle weddings to come) etc….. then comes the interesting part! The pastor called out this lady age 25, saying she had HIV and had slept with 7 men in her lifetime. Next thing, the church goes wild! WOMEN were shouting tufiakwa! *an exclamation symbolizing rejection* only you, 7 men!!! ahhan! you be ashewo (prostitute) ni? They went on and on… Then i flared up! i turned 360 asking women around me what their varying body counts were.

Is it morally right for a 25 year old lady to have slept with 7 men? Of course not! But i attacked because women get too critical of each other, almost to the point of death. Asides that, it was a freaking church for crying out loud! If the world rejects her, should the church follow suit? Most girls do not wake up saying

“you know what, i just want to be a whore”.

As long as you keep engaging in sexually active relationships, your body count would definitely mount up! Despite the fact that we are probably the most religious in the world, we are also the most hypocritical and judgmental of all- by we i mean Africans. Although Nigeria is not a country big on research or statistics, it is a given that a lot of Nigerians were molested as kids and this is still ongoing. As a repercussion, people either go on having sex till thy kingdom comes as adults, or shut people out, or stay normal… whatever the case may be.

What is the appropriate body count? i say 0 till marriage; but in cases where that is a far cry, simply know you need to quit that. you are not some well that is to have different sizes of buckets going in and out…. An honest Nigerian lady left a comment beneath the post saying, she stopped counting the last time she realized how far she’d gone. As for the judgmental spiricocos, what is your body count?

I say you sit in front of your computer, eagerly waiting for the next #RawOnugbu post: what would your do should your child be gay… 🙂


  1. I know babes that have up to 19 body counts, and counting and I don’t judge them really. Sometimes it happens like that. If men can have it then why can’t we

    • Ladies shouldn’t compare themselves to men. Yes! i am all for gender equality, but i don’t think it would ever get to a point where men would be criticised for laying with a lot of women. I cant judge those with mounting body count, but i say; it can be controlled.


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