Raw Onugbu: He Honours Me, Therefore I Cry!


Yes yes! I know what you are saying…. When did Jaguda.com become so razz??! What in the heck is Raw Onugbu? Well, that’s how we’d be dishing it to you; raw and bitter! Gone with the sugar-coasting, mincing of words and lies….we’ll be giving you the truth in its barest form, hence the name!

Let me start my issuing a disclaimer that the content of this post is based solely on my opinion and research. No other body or person shall be held responsible for the outcome of my posts.

*Whew* Ready? OK!

Every time I speak on this topic, I cannot help but reference 2face’s marriage proposal to Annie Macaulay. Bear in mind that I am a very objective person, hence; a spade remains a spade family, friend, lover or not. That said; when he proposed in a CLUB, Annie almost bit her own tongue, as though God Himself had asked her hand in marriage! Her veins almost popped out of her neck for 2face -who is not exactly TEAR RUBBER. I reference them to make this piece more relatable.

I simply do not understand why certain girls wail whilst their hands are asked in marriage. I am not talking about the romantic scene where a tear drop or two is seen, and the girl says “yes, I will”, I am talking about situations where the girl wails with her mouth wide open- as though a hard-long battle was fought to pin the man down.

Go ahead; say the same thing my friend said to me, “You only talk like this cos you’ve not gotten your ring yet. When that happens, we’d see how you’d react”. Girl! You are a jewel! Don’t be crying like the man did you a huge favor! Yes, he honours you by choosing you out of the bunch, but have you asked why he chose or why he would choose you though? Because, there is something in you that’s not in the next person, and that makes you special! Also, in honoring you, you honor him as well.

How does the good book put it, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing; and obtains favour in the eyes of the Lord”. See? You are a good thing and dare I say, bringing the lucky man favor. Wow! I should totally be a marriage counsellor lol! But seriously, DON’T DO IT! DO NOT WAIL! What do I suggest?

If you are the mushy kind, take a deep breath and let out few drops of tears before saying yes! If you are the jolly good fellow, let out a happy yes and jump on him (that is, if he is strong enough to carry you— Not exactly advisable for Nigerian girls)

If you are gangster/hardcore… Simply say yes, smile, head into the room and carry-on with what we already know y’all been doing 😐

But this is just my opinion, but let me know what you think by dropping your comments, questions or contributions. Also, watch out for my next post: who should join couples in marriage? A pastor? or the groom/bride’s father? I am on a roll!!!


  1. #RawOnugbu: isn’t that the worldwide reaction? Except for a few ladies like you (of which you’re yet to be tested). I doubt that’s ever going to change, maybe that defines the moment or it hinges on the fact that its never certain and when its popped, it feels like “jackpot”

  2. I think it’s hard to define how one’s reaction is going to be though. It’s impulsive somewhat, and really seeing that women are expected to wait for their “dream man”, it does feel like you’re special and he picked you


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