Prenuptial Agreements



Prenuptial Agreement - Call it Divorce Insurance

Do you believe in prenuptial agreements? If you meet the girl/guy that you want to marry, would you make him or her sign a pre-nup that forbids him or her from taking anything that belongs to you, if the marriage doesn’t work. Ladies, would you feel like your man is setting up your intended marriage for doom or would you sign the papers because you know it is the right thing to do. (Keep in mind the rate of failed marriages and the ensuing legal battle that follows it to determine who gets what).

I personally don’t think PRENUP honors the Sacrament of Matrimony but I like to break it down to a bare minimum of likening it to when you buy auto insurance. Are you setting up your car for doom? I will like to think that every sane person would hope accidents don’t happen but when it happens, you are glad you’ve got something to fall back to. The likes of Paul McCartney and Bob Johnson, both worth over a $1billion each are vivid examples of the modern age marriage. They will lose or have lost at least 40% of that wealth to their former spouses. Now, I am not a fan of leaving your spouse to suffer especially when you made the money together but I am totally against gold-digging and folks who go into marriage solely for the benefits they’ll get post divorce. I am also against predatory demands like Lionel Richie’s ex wife who is suing for $300K/month after ending their marriage. Harrison Ford’s ex wife has a cut from any movie that man stars in until he dies!


  1. every sane man and woman in America(coz in naija all this thin no fit happen)needs to have a pre-nup,do u know that over 40% of all marriages in the united states endz in divorce? and if u have a clear mind goin into the marriage then u shouldnt have any problem wit signin a pre-nup,coz ur not goin to need it ,right?

  2. i strongly disagree with prenups mostly for people like nigerians who are suppossedly meant to come from a cultured background….we have to remember we're not americans or british so we shouldn't treat our relationships the way they do.

    i wouldn't sign a prenup if my man asked me to…just cause i feel he knows we're already going to fail so wats the point….i'm going to have to live out my marriage with him knowing he's put a value to it even before we've started…total bull!

    even with all of this, i don't believe or agree with women who try to squeeze the men they divorce for everything they've got….women need a little more pride when it comes to that. but if kids are involved then the man has to sort them out if he's got the money!

    • all that gist of culture and pride is a load of bull and we all know it. the only reason we dont experience things like this in naija is because there are either no laws demanding the wealth be split down the middle or no one is interested in enforcing them if they exist. With all the so called "pride" women should have according to you and the "culture" we have, nigerians in america will still engage in the same predatory practices of trying to squeeze every dime out of their spouse…even when they never worked a day in their lives. So lets not indulge in all that culture talk…Marriage today is fast losing its value and you can never really be sure what whom ever u r marrying is going in for. So the best way to protect both parties is to sign a prenupt. if the less affluent person in the relationship is truely going into it for love, that person should not be concerned about not getting a share of the money they never worked for. plain and simple.

  3. i strongly beliv in prenups most especially in nigeria.if ur man cheats on u good grnds 4 divorce nd he pays u 4 up keep. lets c if nigerian men will continue cheating.


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