Online Dating II Your First Impression

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Internet dating is very common and more and more popular these days.
Of course, first thing you notice on someone’s profile where you make your first decisions about the person is his/her profile picture.

’’In the world of online dating, a profile is your opportunity to make a great first impression.’’
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So, choosing the ever-elusive perfect profile picture in the realm of online dating is your chance to make a first impression, and your profile picture may determine whether you get to make an impression at all. While being ridiculously good-looking probably won’t hurt your odds of meeting someone great, you don’t need to place in a beauty contest to get noticed; you just need to follow a few guidelines.

Right Profile Picture
Choose a Photo That Shows You Engaged in an Activity

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When you’re looking for the perfect profile picture, look for a flattering, candid picture that shows you doing something that you love. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, eating brunch with a group of friends or waiting in line at a concert, choosing a picture that shows you actually doing something will go far. It will convey that you’re a nice, normal person who engages in nice, normal activities. Genuine happiness looks good on everyone, and nice, normal people are always in high demand in the world of dating.

A Recent, Accurate Photo

Surely you’ve heard the classic complaint: “I’m sure he looked like that…15 years ago.” Don’t be that person. Look for a picture that is no older than 6 months that accurately portrays how you look today. There is nothing wrong with choosing a picture that highlights what you feel are your strongest features. However, some people select photographs that are deceptive. Not only will this backfire as you begin to fill up your social calendar with first dates, but you may miss an opportunity to meet someone who will love your perceived flaws.

Skip the Selfies

No selfie

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If you’re someone who generally dodges the moment someone breaks out a camera, you may have a difficult time finding a suitable picture. Enter: the selfie.
Actually, don’t. And for the sake of all that is good and right, don’t post a picture with a toilet in the background.

In addition to coming off as lazy, selfies, especially those taken sans the ridicule-worthy selfie sticks, don’t generally produce the most flattering pictures. Because of the awkward angle, bad lighting and close proximity, selfies typically distort your facial features. Foreheads look wider, noses look larger and mouths look small and pinched. If that’s not discouragement enough, pictures that only show your head and shoulders are a little strange to look at. Once again, you don’t have to place in a beauty contest to get noticed, but why sabotage your efforts with a bad picture?

Choose Your Props Wisely

Once again, social pictures that show that you are happy, relaxed and having a great time are wonderful. Do you know what’s not wonderful? Pictures in which you might be inebriated or on a date with someone who may be a former significant other are not wonderful.
Pose instead with a beloved pet or a scenic background. Skip the pictures in which you have an alcoholic drink in your hand or where you’re posing with someone who could be a love interest.




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