No! I will not pay for you & your friends


money-in-hand-copyThere is a very interesting & disturbing phenomenon going on in yankee these days that has seemed to work its way from Nigeria. The idea that it’s common practice for a guy that wants to date a girl to take her and her friends out on the first date, or maybe not even the first date, but when they all go out to clubs, he’ll pay their way at the door – the girl he’s toasting and all 4 of her friends that is. I mean, why? The guy is only interested in one girl, so wetin concern am with the other babes. It’s not a problem if he offers, which sometimes happens, but when it becomes a case where the girl and her friends get to the club, or finish eating at a restaurant and everyone starts acting like they are on their cell phone, or looking up to the ceiling and pretending like they don’t see the bill or don’t see the door person collecting money, then we have a problem. This needs to stop asap. Sometimes it’s more annoying, because you know some of these girls have money, some come from well to do homes – their parents are high-rollers in naija and yours are civil servants-, but for some strange reason they just like the awoof, and wont think twice about chopping free food.

In some cases, the guy is not even interested in any of the girls. They are all just friends. Maybe they went to school with each other, or go to the same church, or something, but for some reason these babes always feel like it’s their right to be paid for. Let’s see… your dad is balling back home, and my dad isn’t. I work 9-5 (which is nothing so great to brag about), and drive a regular car, and you’re still getting money from parents, and riding in a 2009 whip. How is it fair for me to pay for you and your 6 friends to get into the club at $20 a head. What effizy am I trying to prove? Maybe if I was into 19 business and I just hammered then it wouldn’t be a big deal to pull effizy like that, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m not. To be fair this doesn’t apply to a lot of african babes, but a significant number do fall into this category.

Do I think I should pay for a girl I ask out on a date? Yes. Will I treat my friends to dinner or drinks or whatever every once in a while? Yes, but please if I say “Let’s all go to velvet room 2nite,” that doesn’t mean I’m paying for you and your 4 homegirls to enter velvet room, or if I say “let’s all go to dinner”, it doesn’t mean when the check comes you should pretend like it’s not there or start scratching your head and turning in a different direction. Stop this madness! This is yankee – Every man/woman for his/herself unless stated otherwise.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? Yes?, No? Maybe?…. I want to hear what you think.


  1. lol… As much as i would also like to use this medium to call all my friends out, imma just keep it chill and laugh..thank goodness im not the only one suffering from this plague

  2. Dont mind those Nija babes….they are hustlers and awoofers. If you do like mumu, dem go chop u die till you're dead broke. Ill advise neva to play the nice guy cos girls will everly take you for granted.

  3. Bros U aint wrong!!

    I've been a victim of this stupid scheme. I organise to trip one lady and she brings along a football team…WTH?

    Its plain wrong

  4. This article makes sense but lemme say dat a chic dat brings a netball team to your first date or wateva is not worth keepin. It's the first sign of trouble, whether or not you have good intentions, it will set an unreasonable standard you'll continue to keep up. Not to cause embarrassment i usually say beforehand who i will be taking out.

  5. I feel you I feel you. Coming from a female, I agree. I wish I was a man and I had a girl who brought her friends around. That's crazy.

    I would not pay for her, they better pull out their money from their pockets. Interesting article.. now I see why you have been spamming your website all across Nigerian Websites.. some good stuff..

    but now check out

  6. when u r still toasting a babe there is definitely no need to buy her meals or present in other to make her feel some form of attraction for you.That's a wussy act.Don't make urself a target and turn around to blame the girl.Feel free to contact me if u need some advice on how to handle women effortlessly.

    Keep ur work on.It's original.

  7. lol. make u no blame the chick jor. If u no pay for everybody, dem go shoot u? Just pay for the chick u are taking out and continue counting the number of arms attached to the ceiling fan. If na correct babe, she go understand. If she don't, hit the door

  8. Yo nah true story be this ooo. Unfortunately no be only naija babes, its a worldwide disease! There is no cure except for you to diss them in the face. Sorry babes, but i aint trying to talk to all your friends, just you. lol

  9. Who dash monkey banana? I resemble maga wey dey pay people? And the most annoying part be say na her friends wey go even try chop pass the babe wey u wan take out! Imagine Mgbeke ordering lobster when she cannot even personally afford shrimp!

    • Lol…uncle bros! Na so dey go dey hammer big stout like say their papa be Arthur Guinness, even person wey chop food w/o steady for buka go begin form say na only white meat she chop unto make u supply chicken suya! Freebie dey run belle abeg!

  10. Aribabi abi wetin u call urslf, abeg no vex say I wan spoil ur name. U too get am and I totally agree wit u. Our gals need to go learn proper manner dats its unlady like, I mean is it bcos they r hungary or not getting enuff tastyfried things to eat at home. Anywy am totally against dat idea and I refuse to be domesticated in dat way. By da way don’t u think its an avenue 4 d guy to date all dem gals bhind their backs.


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