New Age Nigerian Wife *nonsense*



I will probably Hurt a lot of feelings by writing this Note…So please if you are sensitive, THEN “STOP HERE”, cause I dont care about feelings..JUST FACTS

I have had a few interesting conversation with a lot of Nigerian females ages
21 to 27 and I have sensed something very interesting

You all believe that coming to America gives you the Right to “STOP COOKING”…YEAH, I SAID IT..

Look, its very simple your mums cooked all the food when you grew up, your mums still do the cooking..I think every female needs to know how to cook, or at lease be willing to learn How to Cook, or else its a big shame…
Any female who believes that it is not their duty to cook is not ready for marriage….Its very simple, NO Nigerian man will marry a woman that feels it is a Man’s responsibility to cook…
The females with this “NEW AGE” point of view blame it on the fact that women nowadays have to work….WOW….REALLY…..DID YOUR MUMS NOT WORK BACK IN THE DAY

I am speaking for every responsible man and not the lazy ones who wants their wives to do everything…I think for a marriage to last there has to be compromises, there are thing a man must do in his house Hold because we do not have maids in America, BUT COOKING IS NOT ONE OF THEM..

Lets think about this, any man that senses this new found Nigeria female belief in his girl will probably not marry her.
When guests come to your house, imagine the MAN, cooking and bringing out food from the kitchen to serve the guests…WOW…NOW that would be funny…
Your friends and your friends wives will laugh at you.

I personally will laugh at any friend of mine that I find does the cooking for his wife…

Like the saying goes, IF IT AINT BROKE, WHY FIX IT…THE SYSTEM WORKS, MEN should not tolerate their wives expecting them to do the cooking..


Plus what kind of message are you sending your kids, when they know your wife wears the pants in the house….
Thats how it starts, cooking.. Next thing you know you as a man become the Woman.

I AM A GUY AND I KNOW HOW TO COOK, that does not mean that i will be found in the kitchen cooking for my wife… I am not trying to sound like a Sexist…
I can cook for her if she is sick, just gave birth or on special occasions, but to believe it will be an every day thing….PLEASE….THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN


I am not going to go into the topic of Nigerian WOMEN who are brought to America, then end up leaving the Men and Taking Half of their Net Worth….thats for another DAY…

Article By Ngozi Oleleh


  1. I agree with this article. I cook for my man and I get a deep sense of satisfaction everytime he eats my food; He's the type to give compliments, so I get a deep sense of gratification when he's praising me, even to his friends and family. A little hint for the ladies; when your man is angry and you know you're wrong, a way to make peace is to just cook some nice dish that he'll enjoy. It is true when they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. 🙂

      • I'm not expecting him to go down on one knees and profess his love…his actions and behavior tells me all I need to know. But yes, we are planning to make it official, thank you very much!!! Hope you are as lucky as I am. Choosing to stay on topic, my parents,esp momsi have made it such a priority to learn and love to cook and take care of the house, Its like second nature and I don't grumble about it like some women do!!

        This however, does not mean the man cannot help out sometimes, and he should want to show his 'skills' at times and should decide to cook. That is all good and dandy.

        • Tem Tem you are good woman.. your mother raised you right.. unlike ths unreasonable idiots… TAG and Mimi them no go marry

          • I can understand where they are coming from , but really, you wldn't even think twice about doing it if you you reallly love your significant other, n it wldn't become a chore either; You're just trying to make him happy, and trust me, they'll do the same for you too. the problem is about submission. who will/should submit first?? That could be another topic for a post here………………

  2. Every woman should know how to cook, period. The whole perception of a working woman is just a sad illusion that media has implanted in the minds of American women. Women have always worked in the past and history have always made great men cooks. While American women celebrate the fact that they are no longer house wives, African born women ought to understand that they do not come from the same backgrounds. They know better and should not claim the same reasons that white women do. Like you mentioned above, the reality is that no real Nigerian man would be interested in women that can't cook. It is a great asset and will always be. Becoming a diva gets you nowhere. However, Nigerian men ought to be able to hold up on the kitchen part too. Since when has cooking (our basic survival skill) become a job?

  3. LMAO! This is the funniest thing I have read. The author sounds BITTER! Let me guess, you can't find a woman that will cook for you, abi? here is one thing you must know, when a man treats his woman like a man is supposed to the she will LOVE, yes I said it, LOVE to cook for you. Instead of demanding that she cooks and have her make the food with hate in her heart, why not be loving towards her and have her cook the food with LOVE. It will also taste better when she makes it with love!

    Funny, if we're gonna talk about taking it back to what it truly was- as in, way back in the beginning time then if the job of the woman is to cook, then it is also the job of the man to provide for the home! Yet, Nigerian men are all to happy to collect their wives paychecks (I'm sure the author has no problem with collecting the paycheck).

    I feel sorry for the author because it truly sounds like he can't find a woman to cook for him. Sweetie, maybe the problem isn't women. Perhaps it is YOU! I know plenty of Nigerian women raised in "America" who love to cook for their men. Change your attitude, and you too will attract the kind of woman that will be all too pleased to cook a nice hot meal for her man, that actually tastes like it's made with love.

    • are you minding the hungry goat? Like you said, most women have no problem cooking for their men, its when you start feeling like its your right. Hiss! Hunger never catch you.

    • LittleLove – you said it best. Treat your woman the way she wants to be treated and she will do the same which includes cooking. I am a Nigerian woman that has lived in America for 15 years, longer than I lived in Nigeria and I love to cook, not just for my man, but for my family. Cooking isn't a chore, its a part of life. Learn how to treat a woman, and she will reciprocate the love. If you love to eat, she will cook and if she can't cook, she will learn to cook because she loves you.

  4. i didn't even bother reading past the "no naija man will marry". Abeg y'all can go fuck yourselves for real! While you are at it, you can marry each other too. Shebi gay ppl don boku for naija? So cos my mother cooked i must too abi? Go and learn how to cook for your damn self. Like my friend said, 'if i have a male child, i will wake up every morning and give him a very hot slap just for the heck of it". So y'all don't go about thinking you are entitled. Oshi…you think naija girls are sweating to marry y'all? *points and laughs*

    Awon amuni shepe!

  5. Rubbish the author is stupid, actually he is a hungry….must u live by bread alone, try to fast sometimes….probably has no emotions for women according to him, bcos if his love is based on cooking and eating, he need a job…get a job and stop being lazy…ur wife is not ur servant but ur partner and should not be left to do everything all by herself…since both of u r working, house works should also be shared….IDIOT get a job and stop writing rubbish, ur mom and sisters probably dont know how to cook and u spend all time in the restaurant. Look for LOVE first and not a good cook….

    • Damn….it's just a personal opinion….The guy didn't say women that can't cook are idiots or Stupid. You can state your opinion on the topic without being insulting

  6. Lol! it's completely fine for you to have your opinion. I agree that in a marraige people make compromises, but I have to say that it is up to each couple to determine what compromises they want to make.

    And I am curious to know what compromises you would list among the ones that a man has to make, since cooking is not one of them. From my experience with some (not all) Nigerian guys, – nothing seems to come to mind as far as compromises that a man should make.

    Also little love makes a good point.

  7. LMAO @ the comments above, looks like they are hitting the nerves of some of you 21st century girls

    (kpom)! Lool @ the author.. the capslock be distracting me mayne.. ANGRY much?!??!?!.

    Now for my 2 kobo's(lol)

    I personally believe a woman should be the one to cook in a relationship. When God gave us our innate abilities, he choose women to be the ones that nurtured the household. therefore it should not be seen as a crime or a chore for women to cook. Granted some men (Nigerians in this case) have taken this old adage to the extreme with the example of the author above. I also believe in division of labor, if i cook, you do the dishes, or if i cook you do the laundry. Alot of women these days think because they now have an education and they work they should not cook.. Ladies please our mum's did it, and so did their mums before them. When we have children, who would cook for them, or you think they would not get tired of Mcikky Dee's everyday. People need to stop looking at cooking as a chore. it is very essential, to both parties, afterall you would have to feed yourself and your children. I especially believe that when you do find that one person that you truly love, even if you were not a master chef before, you would do what makes them happy and if it happens to be food, so be it!!!

    Please awon 21st century gbo gbo bigz gelzzz do not insult me ooo!!! this is just my opinion!!!

  8. Who is this TAG you need to find something doin and stop actin like a kid what people are talkin here is a serious issue you heard me

      • is like the stupid author is fucking u too…he will dumb u ooooo he has problem staying with one person infact he is suffering from HIV positive….

        • Mimi…… U self serving fucking cocktard… Ignorant bastard…. U need to stop calling out names u know nothing about… Dumb loser.. Go choke on ur fathers dick& while u r at it introduce urself to death…fly fuck not worthy of dog shit…nonsense…I can't b bothered by low level twats carrying false information…ur parent must regret ur birth since it takes a comment to realize how defunct ur brain is.


          Timi Nyananyo.

  9. While I get what the author is trying to say, after reading this all I could think was WTF? With this article, I doubt that you have put your point across honey pie so try again. And for the females who are falling over themselves trying to cook and be considered wifey material, trust me…if the man wants to dump you for some 'Mr. Biggs carryout chick' he most definitely will. Don't break your neck in the quest to be considered as wifey material o.

    • LMAO u so right!

      Worse still, while the super-cook naija wife is busy cooking, naija hubby is out & busy with McDonald's major 'shareholder' akata or oyinbo….. Then he gets back obviously not hungry…. NAIJA MEN sef!!!!

  10. @Original Mgbeke you are acting like say something dey ur nyashe ..wetin dey do u… aint nothing wrong with this article its the author opinion… so if you dont like it… you can buy a dilido and screw urself..ok…. as for all these other sensitive ppl yall need to seriously get a gun and kill urself

  11. @ kizzle mimi and company seriously buy bleach mix with vodak drink it and die….. una own too much…. i am a nigerian woman living in america and i seriously agree with this article… WOMEN YOUR LIFE IS KITCHEN YOU WILL LIVE AND DIE THERE SO GET USE TO IT OR GET A SEX CHANGE BITCHESSS.

    • Oh my!!! U sooo intense woman, easy! Btw, per ur last sentence, speak for urself! I love to cook but my life is definitely not kitchen. LOL

      & Aribaba & ….., if u cook (just because) nko????? Will u die? Jeez, u guyz make a big deal out of nothing.

      • Tag i wish ur grand Parents were sold in the days of slavery… you dont belong to our african culture…

        • oh wow! are u serious? u ppl are crazy to wish something like that on another person simply cuz u don't like their opinion. u all need some serious prayer and intervention. i would do it for you, but right now i have to many bad feelings towards ya'll, and my words would go in vain.


  13. lmao lwkmd….. ok so lola, no vex with them abeg they are just putting their own opinions out there and if they are doing it in a civilized manner then i think you should put your own point across the same way.

    As for me, his article is not bad at all. i agree women should cook for their 'husbands' , its our culture and the norm. But don't get me wrong notice how i used the word 'husband' wooo if he never put a ring on your finger and una dey do love nwatinti i pity you ooo…. because you will turn to iya basira for a man and his friends when you never sure say na you im wan marry.

    I think cooking for a man twice or three times before you get married is enough to show him you can cook but if you do eventually get married then i believe it should become a routine. That's just my opinion!

  14. Lola or whatever your real name is, it is you, your mother, sister, daughther and all otherfemale relation you have that will leave in the kitchen. You speak like a fool. I know you are a fool. I agree with the article and thank goodness cooking has never been an issue but when idiot foolish dumb bitches like lola start relegating women to he kitchen alone, knowing how much we've accomplished, then I get pissed. I bet she is one of those girls with no job whatsoever, waiting for a man to marry her out of whereevr the hole she came out from. Get a life.

    Excuse my language jaguda, I am not one to cuss but lola case is so village, so 1780. We are in the 21 century fool, that's if you know what that means.



      • lmao. LOLA, no offense girl, but i gotta agree with GIRL. u must be one of them girls with no job, no ambition or goals in life, that sit and wait for a man or even chase after men to marry. u really think ur sole purpose in life…in this day and age is to stay in kitchen, spread ur legs when required, and push out babies? i pity you and i pray your husband don't beat you, cuz goodness knows u'll let him, cuz that probably one of your "womanly duties," to take a good beating. poor girl.

    • Yeah, Ronke…I'm inclined to agree with you…

      I'm not married…yet…but, I work…sometimes up to 60hrs a week…after a long day at work…traffic…black berry…I dont want to see the kitchen…so…if you do not have my type of schedule and you get home first…you cant feed the kids if we have any? You cant cook me a meal and rub my feet?

      You need to be a little more agreeable for real…otherwise…sorry for whoever ends up with you…

  15. I am really sorry, if you ever marry such a woman like all you and children will end up eating take from all resturant.

    I seriously do agree ANY WOMAN WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK BETTER NOT COME TO MY FACE AND SAY IT. No offense to my fellow women i do not mean to be harsh but you should be able to perform in your duties in the house not just in bed. ooooopppppssssss HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    • girl, go somewhere with that nonsense. lol. i am well aware that i need to have a good meal prepared for my family, but if i get off work late with my heels in one hand and a box of pizza in the other hand, don't blame me. blame it on ppl like u who think that the woman is the only one who has any business in the kitchen. if my man can't handle things on the homefront when i'm unable to do so, and that includes the cooking, then he better enjoy those pizza and chinese take out days cuz my ass aint cooking if i'm too tired. point blank.

  16. I kinda agree with all of the few responses i've read and the article. I understand if a woman is working a lot of hours and the hubby comes home first, I don't see anything wrong with him helping out and cooking a meal or two here and there.

    Then again, when i was young and still in the house, my mom sometimes worked a lot of hours and my dad is horrible at cooking. So what she did was she planned ahead of time. She cooked mega meals on the weekends and we had variety of things to eat during the week.

    I still think a woman should know how to cook and it should be mainly her responsibility. I actually know a wonderful married couple who have been married for over 35 yrs and the husband LOVES to cook. Does this make him less of a man? no. In fact, his wife cooks with him. They do the cooking together. If he's not around, the wife still cooks. I do think it is a bit ridiculous for a woman to get married without any cooking skills or for one to think that cooking should only be the responsibility of one spouse be it male or female.

      • The rebuttal is not stupid, women are not asking too much and if all else fails, go back to the village and marry that woman who will be attending to you hand and foot. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with anything the rebuttal said and if you would only read it with an open mind as I (as a woman) did with this one, then you would be able to accept the points that she is making. Yes, the culture we grew up with is the one where the woman is always doing all the household chores but it is a different world now where the woman works just as much as the man and there is nothing wrong with her husband helping her with stuff. I have a father who can cook better than most women and he doesn't hesitate to do so. It is this same man that told me that i should never settle for the kind of man who will be waiting for me to wait on him hand and foot becasue such a man is just lazy! But of course, there will be people who will disagree with me and again like i said, if it vexes you, go village and get wife, at least for a while, she will be willing to wait on you hand and foot!

        • well said. and if all else fails in the village…u can always get yourself a white girl. they can be easily intimidated, especially by an ignorant african man. lol. j/k. i love u white girls!

  17. I think "Woman is to cooking as Man is to fixing car". That being said my mum knows more about fixing cars than most men I know and my Dad is a better cook than most women I know.

  18. Ok, I beg to disagree a little. I am a man and I love to cook. Infact my stew has a special taste to it that I particularly like and my wife happens to like it too. Nevertheless, cooking still isn't my everyday duty but it is not limited to when she's sick, etc too. It is constrained to when I am in the mood for it, as a treat, want of a different taste, just to help the wife out, got home first and many other similar life activities….

    In ages past (like grandfather/great grandfather period), men worked and women did the home stuff.

    These days, men carry a significant portion of the home support a.k.a. CASH. Hence, there's no reason to feel less than a man if you help out in the kitchen from time to time…

  19. Women = Kitchen??? Naah…not exactly.

    Women,mainly, need to be able to take care of the house and kids – cos a man would do a horrible job at these.

    So the fact that Teacher is saying that women shld "cook" can be right if he mentioned and incorporated other responsibilities of both the man and the woman in his article.

    But I'm not going to order any take-out, ever.

    If my wife doesnt cook (not everytime but most of the time, and if she is well and not ill) for me and my beautiful kids then I'm afraid we might have to call the relationship quits. Similarly, if I stop helping out with tasks like changing the bulbs, fixing new furnitures, changing the oil, installing her hair drier, taking out the trash etc…then by all means she should divorce my ass and take the kids along even.

    That said, my fried plantains and eggs are the bomb, and she loves it when I make it so I make it occasionally – then we'll hit the bed. Y'all know how it goes… (thats abt the only meal I know how to throw-down good!! 😀 ).

    Abeg, make una take am easy oh!!! All this lashing out – ko gbadun!!!

    • Yeye man! you want your wife to divorce and take the kids with her too,you cant get away from your responsibilities so mildly my friend. You better learn how to do those things properly cos your wife aint going nowhere!




  21. LMFAO. u must have known this was gonna get u a couple of angry comments. lol. as a naija girl born and raised in america, i still know that i have to do my part and a relationship/marriage and keep my boo and/or kids fed, but don't get it mistaken, i refuse to do that AND clean, care for the kids, do the laundry, and such and such if i also have to work to provide for the family financially. unless my husband is the sole breadwinner in the relationship, u better believe he will help with everything else if he is not trying to cook.

    u said it yourself: "I think for a marriage to last there has to be compromises, there are thing a man must do in his house Hold because we do not have maids in America, BUT COOKING IS NOT ONE OF THEM."

    well, fine. there are plenty of other things that need to be done in the house that men can choose from as i said b4: clean, get the kids ready for school and make sure their hw is done, clean some clothes, walk the damn dog…the options are endless.

    and yes, my mommy did work and do damn there everything else in the house and come see how tired and worn out she is at the end of the day…we can learn from others mistakes, and i'm learning from hers.

    dang, i wrote alot…lol.

  22. i totally disagree with you,wats the meanin of dat crap?does it mean that u enter the kitchen only on special occassion, when u get married,two becomes one and that includes everything,which mean helping eachother out,u are such a lazy man!


  24. I'm a Yoruba woman married to an Indian and I can tell you right now it's not easy, but you know what, we both work at least 40 hour weeks, I'm a lawyer, he's a doctor, we have two children, and we don't have these problems . . . you wanna know why?

    1.) We set schedules, if I'm working one night, he makes dinner and I wash the dishes with the kids, and the next night, I cook, he washes dishes with the kids.

    2.) There's no argument over submission or dominance in my home. My man is a man, he doesn't need to argue with anyone over that fact, he will get on his knees with the kids to play and run around, and when I get annoyed with him he says sorry but at the end of the day, he knows who he is, and I know who I am, we don't need to rehash that over and over.

    3.) We compromise. The very essence of compromising is in the fact that everyone has to let go of something for the greater good. My husband works in the Trauma division and sometimes they page him to come in to work at the most inconvenient times but we make do. I'm a lawyer and sometimes I get so caught up in a case, I can't do much of anything else, and those are the times he picks up my end of the deal so our home can run smoothly.

    4.) If you're interested in making your home work, it will happen, love will make it happen.

  25. To the writer of this silly article…sorry you hear!

    See how the readers don yab you finish for this nonsense write up. what were you thinking sef???

    were you kidding me bro? come on now! what planet are you from. If you marry a good woman, she knows her role but that doesnt mean you let her labor till death cos she is a woman! If you love, no one would tell you to go help her out and if cooking is one way to do it, then you do it. My husband makes some serious fried eggs and i always let him do that. He helps me out with practically everything in the house and I still respect and submit to that NAIJA KING. LOve is sharing so when you see your loved one suffering, you help out and not sit there talking about no, I am wearing the pants. what arrant nonsense is that one? abegi!!!

    We both work hard and long hours at times and have two very young kids to take care so guess what dude??? we share all the responsibilities gladly and i am still very able to cook most of the days or he does and we order out on some other days when we cant make it….thats how the marriage can survive.

    You berra change that attitude before marriage unless…all the best

    I'm out yo'all

  26. hahahahaah @ your post…..ultimately, you'll end up with a woman who will be your slave or prisoner, there to serve and meet you at the point of your need

    A strong minded woman, will not settle for you a$$

    so go back home (if you ain't there already) and marry yourself or submissive, dormant prisoner (hopefully, her eye no go open/shine, if not, the game will turn against you

  27. Your writing style and lack of attention to detail shows that you are out of touch. (or bitter!)

    My principle is that my gal/wife's cooking should taste better than mine. Everything else is half/half.

    … For this very reason, Mama taught me (a guy) how to cook well… Times have changed bro, wake up and smell the coffee.

  28. I can't believe I wasted my time reading this rubbish article. This writer is an epitome of ignorance and narrow mindedness. I don't know why Jaguda let him post this rubbish on their site. Nonsense! Like everyone else has said…you need to go back to the village and pick a personal cook as a wife, cos it aint happening in this part of the world. Hell I dont even see it happening in civilized parts of Nigeria. You must NOT know how to cook, or must have a kitchen phobia to have singled cooking out of all the home chores for your unfortunate wife. You sound so retarded and dumb. I grew up in Nigeria and my mother did not cook all the time. My father cooked too! yes HE DID! Its unfortunate that you come from a family where mothers/wives slave….well I don't! And your wife might not too. So I would advice you to check with your wife on that before you bring her into your crazy believes. Even your fellow guys are wondering what is wrong with you. Marriage does not mean slavery my friend. Check your dictionary again.

    Don't get me wrong..I would love to cook for my husband unless he has the same stank attitude like yours! I will cook for the most part, but he MUST cook when Im too tired or away from the house…he doesn't have to wait for me to be sick and almost dying before he cooks…(hiss). So please go and check ur principles cos they suck right about now. Goodluck with finding a wife slave!

  29. THis article is pathetic. Typical chauvinistic pig trying to coerce women into gender roles that they don't want. That whole tactic of scaring women into thinking that no one will want them if we don't do what you want is bullshit…Maybe no one will want you b/c u are such a sexist ass.

  30. LMAOOOOO, O boy, u wan kill me with laughter. I agree with u 90%. Everyone should know how to cook no matter what. At least be able to cook to save ur life. Men should at least be able to cook for their wives. Make the sacrife if ur wive's work is demanding. But to leave all the cooking to men without due course is pure rubbish.

  31. Its really cool when adults embarass themselves like this.i’m a nigerian girl of 17,born and bred here….my mum is an orthopaedic surgeon who i’ve had 2 watch all my life head in2 d kitchen first thing when she gets back from work,after hours of traffic,when she’s dead tired and most annoying, when relatives (most of d time dads) is arnd.she doesnt like it and neither do we (daughters).my dad can cook but he NEVER does so,jus strolls into d kitchen 2 check if d food is now ready.d attitude of nigerian men makes me sick,nd my friends and i have discussed this severally and we’ll never end up in that pit,that’s what it is.a life of bondage in d kitchen……nonsense

  32. True talk. Said with poise, and intent. There is nothing wrong with a man helping with certain chores, but to be his as often as it is hers is asking too much. I would not ask my wife to change a tire, oil, or a light bulb, so why would you find it so antagonistically based to make the statement that I WILL NOT make cooking a chore of mine?


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