My Cousin Is Jealous Of Me?


My boy-friend for 3 years jokingly asked me if I was ready to marry him. I told him to give me few days to pray about it. I love him so much that I bless God everyday for giving me all the good qualities I want all encompassed in one man. I prayed about it and also sought my cousin’s advice. I have no idea why I asked her because I was pretty sure I was going to say yes to my boyfriend. But I thought I should ask anyway. Stupid me!!!

After I asked my cousin what she thinks about the whole thing, she told me to say no to my boyfriend because according to her, I am still young( age 25) and I should have fun and  let no man hinder my life especially in my fun-filled years. She gave sooo many reasons why she thinks I should turn-down my boyfriend. Stupid me once again, I actually bought her idea. I was contemplating telling my boyfriend to give me time to have fun but something happened that shocked me. My cousin logged into her facebook account with my laptop and forgot to log off. I don’t really know what I was thinking, but I found myself checking her facebook messages. I know that is nosy and rude but I unconsciously did it. In one of her messages to a guy, she said  “ You keep saying I should give you time, I am not getting any younger, i am already 25 years old, all my mates are getting married but you not saying anything to me. I want to get married this year, love you” The guy replied “ I understand you but we just met so we need to get to know each other better to get into something as serious as marriage. Love u too baby”

I could not believe my eyes. Is this the same cousin of mine that  asked me to turn down a proposal? Thank God for unconsciously taking me to her inbox.  I called my boyfriend ASAP and told him I would marry him, if he officially proposed.  In less than a month, he proposed to me and that has been the best decision I ever made. My cousin grumbled and rolled her eyes and told me that I was headstrong and too stupid to commit my life to a man. Little did she know that I knew how desperate she wants marriage. My fiancé bought me a brand new 2011 lexus ES and you need to see the way my cousin was condemning the car. “ I don’t like lexus cars at all, they are cheap and ugly.” She also condemned my decision to accept the car “ I would never take anything from a man, watch it, your fiancé would have no regards for you anymore. Maybe you should return the car.”

I just smiled in my head and saw envy and bitterness in her heart. I learnt never to seek anyone’s opinion in making a big decision, I just ask God and ask myself because you never know the heart of man. Some people may give you advice to downplay your thoughts but they really wish they were in your shoes, your family members are not an exception. May the good Lord have mercy.




  1. Wow . . . your cousin has issues!!!!!

    Imagine wanting to get married to a guy you just met . . . do people still think getting married is s walk in the park? A lot of people don't realize that getting married takes a lot of hardwork and most don't really want a marriage , they just want a wedding. I'm sure if some people could have the wedding without the marriage, they would do so.

    Anyway am glad u know that checking other peoples messages is nosy and rude but as much as her behaviour was hypocritical and selfish, there was no harm done in the end. After all , you said yourself that you would have married him anyway. It would just have taken longer. I'm sure that in her head, she thinks getting married is s contest . . . "I no go marry last " .

    She;s probably forgotten about all the people who are married and are wishing they could be single…

    Anyway congrats on ur engagement!!! And your lexus!!!! (OMG . . . a LEXUS !!!!! damn ur fiance loves u!!!)

  2. That's really scary coming from your own blood.
    Thank God you got to know her for who she really was before it was too late.
    All the best and congrats on the engagement!

  3. wow. Funny, i know friends/relatives like that who would do anything to be in your shoes but they downplay the situation in your face to throw u off balance so they can be "the first one" to get married, buy a car, travel, etc. Like u said, may God have mercy on us.

  4. Seeking an advice from someone else rather than God and urself could result in fatality. I once sought advice from my best friend and she gave me the wrong one out of jealousy. What kind of world do we live in ?

  5. LMAO…..ahn ahn ur cousin harsh o. its a good thing u were able to discern btw beef and advice. congrats on your madt ride,cruise it well well and if beef mistress talks again,tell am make she go siddon on top coalpot…*hiss*

  6. Thank you for this reminder. I have made that mistake before and it has cost me a lot!! Thanks for this reminder.

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and your gorgeous car! Be careful not to let the hate and ill wishes of others poison your decisions! If you know what you want – go for it, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

  8. Girl,…I am soooooo Happy You was "Good Nosey" that time in your life. As I was reading the article I smelled "Hateration Fumes" from your cousin. I know that's your family and all,..but she's a "Major Hater". I knew that was the case. Your cousin wanted to reap the blessings that God had for you,..and since it wasn't her time to meet the Man that God has for her. She was taking out her frustration out on you in a sneaky way.

    Man,..I cannot stress it enough to my fellow ladies,..always "Do You"!! It doesn't hurt to seek advice from wise individuals but always go with your gut/heart when it comes to making important decisions in your life,..this last comment goes everybody.

    Congrats Girlie, on the chapter in your life:-)

    Until Next time,

  9. hmmmm, women are the worst enemies of themselves. next time when in need of advice, dont go to ur girlfriends or female cousins, or even ur sisters, I know some sisters that are in competition with each other. Try a trusted guy friend, not an ex0-boyfriend oh, men cud be really petty when they know that another man is abt to take what they did not have the sense to nurture and keep


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