Must Read: Club Uno’s Boss Pretty Mike Writes Yet Another Controversial Article


Pretty Mike the famous boss of club Uno has been sharing controversial articles, his most recent article is about a lady who scammed him on Instagram. It seems everyone is becoming a critic of late just like the popular Etcetera. Pretty Mike this time shares advice to the ladies on how to know a cheating man. it is somewhat canal though but enjoy

How To Know if ur Man is Cheating

(1) Emotional disconnect is the worst,this is when your man doesn’t feel emotionally attached to you anymore, E.g he doesn’t laugh at your jokes, he hardly compliments you on your new hair/outfit, #cheatalert Emotions are memories that makes us attached to one person more than any other person, So if your man has an Emotional disconnect then he may most likely cheat on you

(2) Phsical Disconnect: Ths is when your man is no longer attracted to you psychically but still loves you as his wife/girlfriend. He still buys you nice things/gifts but when it comes to the bedroom he loses his ability to get an Erection/doesn’t go as many rounds as he used to, this is associated with meeting a new/younger lady or when she is becoming boring or refusing to be Creative in d bedroom and you are trying to get her to watch Porn and she says No!

This been said, here are common Tips to identify some red flags if your man is stepping out on U/cheating

(1) Any guy who is no longer jealous/Protective over you -red flag 

(2) Reduction in sex/Public display of affection -red flag 

(3) Stays out late and goes straight to bed when he comes-red flag

(4) If he is friends/FF on IG with  Opa6, BaddyOsha, Jay87n17, FerraNuvo, 2fab, Bellodus, Superbiker, Cockygent, Obonky, Bnaira, MayakiMfd to mention a Few -red flag

(5) Don’t look at your face anymore during sex, all he does is focus on your Breast -red flag

(6) Only Interested in Satisfying himself alone in bed -red flag

(7) Reduction of phone calls/delays in replying msgs -red flag

(8) Always Happy when you are not around -red flag

(9) Compares you to his Ex on a regular basis in a condescending way -red flag

(10) If PrettyMike, RichardEscape, OlaOluRumors, Mc Tex, Bizzle, Peju, Chipumpin, HoneyWealthy, EbereLi r always calling him -red flag.

Ladies,sme scholars have argued that men are biologically made to Cheat, well I disagree. In order to keep your home/relationship intact. Follow trends, Study your man like a book, Workout/eat healthy, give him Occasional surprise sex, for crying out Loud if he is taking good care of you, paying the bills, Spoiling you wth gifts/tripping you to the finer things in Life, lick the hell out of his ass and make him feel like a king, If after all this and he is still not satisfied, Dear Sister#MaleHoAlert #InspiredByDoktorMofin



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