Men are dogs, Women are snakes

A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words

“My wife can never cheat on me.” (said with conviction). Those were the words of one of my older friends when asked if his future wife would ever cheat on him. So I asked him why he felt that way, “why don’t you think your wife will ever cheat on you?”. His response? “Women just don’t cheat like that.” I coughed, scratched my neck, turned around to make sure I was the only one that heard such a naive statement, and proceeded to laugh like I was watching an old school episode of Papa Ajasco. I can’t believe he just said that… like, u no dey watch Desperate Housewives? or Snapped? Or have u been living under a rock for most of your life? But then again, it dawned on me that a good number of men feel that way – that their women can’t cheat or that for some reason women don’t have urges to just creep with Jose the gardener, or Monday the house boy. If they only knew.

They say experience is the best teacher, and as cliche as that sounds, it truely is. My lesson came at the hands of my first girlfriend in college in Nigeria. I was just as naive as my dear friend mentioned above. So when my girlfriend told me she was virgin and that she was saving herself for marriage, and all that good stuff, I believed it – swallowed and digested it like it came straight from the Bible. Turned out that she was giving the goods to some other guy that I knew, and I was there forming holy holy, and playing patient, understanding boyfriend. Yeah I know – just low. Funny thing is that I didn’t know until about 3-4 months after we broke up. It’s so interesting how the victim is the last one to know. SAnyways, these days when a girl tells me she’s a virgin, I smile, and sarcastically reply “I’m a virgin also. We’re all virgins…lol.” Sorry, but the only virgin I know is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I bring this up as my own personal example of how some women (not all) can be very sneaky, and deceitful. I was being nosey today on some nigerian blogs, and came across very interesting gist on Linda Ikeji’s blog about Ikechukwu’s (Killz) girlfriend cheating on him with his good friend. According to Linda Ikeji, his facebook status after he found out, read: “Kills is single. Women cheat and with your friend too? Of all the women out there, aint life grand?….Men and women are equally animals when they choose to be.” Wow. Looks to me that Killz didn’t see this coming at all. That had to hurt.


The common notion has been, and to a certain degree still is, that men are dogs, men cheat without any remorse, and women are innocent victims that deal with these useless men, and get hurt time and time again, while remaining so faithful to their spouses. Really? I personally disagree. I do think men cheat, but I also think women cheat too… probably just as much as men do. The difference? Women cover their tracks very well. They have a lie to cover the lie that covers the first lie. They never confess….EVER!, and their stories always line up perfectly – well, almost perfectly. As my homeboy would say, “a woman can sleep with someone and pretend it never happened, and just like that, it never happened.” Women are just plain sneaky… kinda like snakes. Men on the other hand, are like dogs. Some men will hump some and everything that has a female reproductive system. They will probably leave traces all over the place, fumble on lies, and tell lies that don’t even make sense – like “I was watching the game at my friend’s place”… even though she knows fully well that the game ended 4 hours ago. Just like dogs, men commit the crime and leave the evidence hanging all over the place. It’s just plain pitiful sometimes.

Bottom line is that women might not necesarrily cheat more than men, but they sure do cheat better than men do.

So as I conclude this post while listening to TLC’s song Creep, I can’t help but think, If I had spent more time listening to the lyrics of that song, instead of dancing the butterfly, I might have learned a thing or two about women creeping, and saved myself some harsh lessons. Or maybe I would’ve just learned the way I did – via experience. Your thoughts… who cheats more? who cheats better? who rarely cheats? who is more of the victim?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are the views of Aribaba, and does not reflect the views of the entire Jaguda Team.  Make we no lose customers abeg…lol.


  1. Anyone that says they will NEVER cheat is a liar (please throw rocks at them next time). We are all human and therefore we are all capable of cheating. What we need to do is remove ourselves from situations that could cause us to step out of our relationships.

    Also when you truly love someone, you never want to do anything to hurt him/her. So before people cheat they should consider how much hurt and distress they would be causing their S.O. True love and the fear of God should be able to keep you straight.

  2. To answer your question…I think men cheat more than women..the ratio of men that cheat to that of women that cheat is 10:3. I say this cos cheating is something that calls for after conscience, and after conscience is something that deals with sentiments, and women are more sentimental than men…got it? Another reason I say this is because men are impulsive by nature and so will engage in impulsive actions such as cheating than women. I know women cheat as well…but men cheat more!

    I'm sorry yiu had to be a victim of one of the few cheating women.

    Sorry guys:(

  3. I don't think it is realistic of any to say that their spouse will never cheat or they will never do the same. When i tell someone am seeing that i can't promise them that i wouldn't do something tomorrow when we are still in today (such as cheating) they look at me like am from the wrong planet. Am i saying that am going to cheat on my spouse? no. By the grace of God, i have never cheated and i repeat, i have never cheated on anyone that i was in a committed relationship with. Ans I do not plan on doing so in the future but nobody knows tomorrow. Just like you chuckled when your friend said his wife will never cheat, i also chuckle when i meet someone that tells me they will never cheat on me.

    Do i pray or wish for it? No i don't but its only realistic that you prep for it just in case it happens. These are the reasons why people divorce after a few years because they go into it with so much expectations forgetting that you are marrying a human being not a saint. I do not think any cheaters today planned to be a cheater; at least not the majority of them. In our generation, marriage is not what marriage was during our parents era. in this era a man picks a woman and marries her because he feels "she wouldn't cheat on me" or she will do this or do that. while they go around messing on this woman. But this same woman is doing her own dirt on the low because although she was his best choice, he wasn't her best choice. she probably just accepted to marry him because (1) he might have been the best out of all her suitors (2)She was in love with someone else but her family preferred you for numerous reasons (3)the one she wanted didn't want her and that is who she is seeing on the low. Get with it people!

    Anybody can be a dog under the right circumstance; some are just better trained than others. The question instead should be how much of a dog can i handle? naija dog or yankee (suburban) dog? lol. As for me, the devil i know is better than the angel i don't. I will rather take one i know has been there done that and exhausted their system that way i know there is no pent up curiosities boiling underneath. Its always the person you never think is creeping or will creep that is a master at it.


  4. lets leave all that for judgement day,moreover the only way to curb a chic or spouse from cheating is driving her insane,so know nobody gets d desire to fuck

  5. so women cheat…men do it too….big deal. As painful as it may be to the "victim" we all will get over it in due time, AS ALWAYS.

    My own is, if you cant stay faithful, man or woman…do your partner a favour and tell them your problem….then, they know what the heck they are getting themselves into before marriage or whatnot. Or better yet….CONTROL YOUR DAMN URGES.

  6. We (both men and women) are all guilty as charged becoz "every dog dey chop shit but na the one wey chop shit finish carry am for mouth go broadcast say im be shit chopper". I've met some clueless women who tell straight up white lies and I tell u, those are the most annoying & painful lies coz you already got proof that this chick is a skank but she's outrightly denying it in front of your eyes!!! I dnt think/believe that any gender is genetically predisposed to cheat, its jst in our pysche to do what we do and how and when we do it! When it comes to men…(lol where do I even start?) It begins with the egotistical verse of…"its the nature of the beast"! I got news for you homie…it ain't no nature, you are just as skanky as the person you are cheating with. Some don't even bother to cover their tracks, jst like dogs trailing their "prey" and pissing as they "hunt". I dnt think any gender cheats more often than the other, it is based off more on the individual

  7. This is kinda surprising. You know and i know MEN CHEAT MORE THAN WOMAN. There is a double standard. If a man cheats he's a dog, but a good dog. If a woman cheats shes the scum of da earth.

    Dont get me wrong some woman cheat, but for the most its now where close to way men just bang comot an enta de next and bang again!

  8. Lol.

    Men are Men, Women are Women.

    Some are just plain stupid…the Cheaters.

    Some don't respect themselves and others…they cheat

    Nothing wrong in anyone being a virgin, its the reason behind it. besides its more a heart thing than a physical thing.

    Like i said to a friend, i can vouch for a few people, but then again we are all Human.

  9. look i see it it like this men have it in their DNA to cheat so they do, all you have to do is know how to find them before they do and train them…just like a dog. a dog behaves badly if you allow it to and if its previous owner never had the power to control it so what you gotta do is find a man before he "bruk out" or breaks out and then train him to be a good lover and everything else. as for women cheating, i really dont care because men deserve it and the few that dont will soon deserve it later on in life. Men cheat because a woman showed them bobby but women cheat because they were lonely in their relationship or there was no longer an emotional connect there, not excuses but substandard reasons to cheat. So when a woman is cheating you know there a serious issues deep down in her relationship with her man. at the end of the day men cheat more and are unremorseful when they do it as opposed to a woman who drowns in guilt and cannot believe what she has done. even those who pretend it never happened have been so hurt in the past that they become cold like men and therefore play the game like a pro. like they say dont hate the player hate the game.

    women should show pepper to men just the way they have been doing to us the past thousands of years and get a taste of their own medicine, if they dont like it, well they can just suck it!!! lol

  10. Chai, Naija babe, i think your opinion are quite naive, or you are just plain biased against men. where in your biology did you learn that the DNA of men is designed with cheating coded in it. must of the time you get what you put it. I can tell you a 1001 reason why men cheat and you will see sense in my point. you cannot justify that by women cheating then they have a right to do so. i have seen women who cheat just for the sake of curiosity, i have seen some that did it bcos their friends are doing it, some do it because it is the new cool, sexual liberation. if you think your man is cheating and you want to do so as well, be the more sensible one, instead of sulking, you can have an open relationship where you get your own too or just leave his arse. I dont know what part of the world you live but am sure you have heard of london bigz girls, south eastern part of the town to be precise and you will see the eight wonders of the world.They literarilly chew men.In most cases men don't go out there with the desire to cheat, I think the only explanation i can give for men cheating is looking for something that they don't have in their existing relationship and that is not to justify that it is good or bad. if you think, men are dogs, then why dont you swing the other way cos either way you look at it, women will always need men and the moment you start treating your man like a man and not dogs the better.

  11. I agree… both men and women cheat. Men cheat more often, and women are better at hiding it when they do cheat. And the funny thing is she is most likely cheating on a guy who is cheating on her and thinks he's getter the better end of the deal, until he finds out that two can play that game. Go figure! And guys def have more of an ego, and feel more wounded afterwards cos they think they're so good as it gets and that their women will never cheat on them. Why would she? when she can have his trifling ass!

    I don't subscribe to cheating, I have never cheated and I don't plan on it, but mehn some guys do not deserve to have the faithful loving girlfriends that they currently have, and I don't know that I would feel bad if their girls' cheated on them.

  12. I can only speak for myself, but I know I never cheated until I was cheated on. Not to say that because one person cheated on me makes it okay for me to cheat on the next one or the one after that and so on. But I'm sure I'm not alone in this when I say, once that lesson was learned, the hard way you never actually trust them again. Women in general I mean. Equality my ass.

  13. Wonderful goods from you, man. Men are dogs, Women are snakes I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely wonderful. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a great Men are dogs, Women are snakes informations.


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