Memoirs Of A Lover: I Hate You Daddy (Part 1)


“I hate you daddy!!!”…. “See what happens when I tell mummy”

I had just finished high school (here in naija, we call it secondary school) and puberty has had the best of me (asides the usual menstrual cramps, everything else was perfect…lovely set of boobs, nice cute ass to match, pimple free face, and I was the talk of the class) and unlike most of my friends, I was still a virgin. It’s not like I didn’t know what sex was (I read lots of mills & boom novels, seen a few porn videos) but I just felt I wasn’t ready yet (partly because my friends were bad at describing their very first time and partly because I didn’t like the shape God created the penis!) and I planned on keeping it that way for as long as possible – only to find out I’d still lose it to some guy three years later.

I have always been daddy’s girl. I loved him so much and told him almost everything and he would take me out from time to time and even named me princess. My mum would sometimes be jealous of our relationship (really she should have! For the right reasons) and would fight my dad for diverting all the attention to me and neglecting her and my siblings, but I didn’t care provided it was all about me (call me selfish huh?!). Moreover, I am the first girl in four generations of my family(that explains a lot huh?!). Well it was going rosy until this very day in September.

September it was, I remember it like it just happened, September 3 was a wet day and I had decided to stay indoors. The DSTV (satellite TV) won’t work because of the rain, I ran out of novels, my siblings were off to school, my mum was far away on a conference and I thought I might just be bored to death, then I remembered this porn that my friend Eunice lent me (what? I had to do something!). So I asked the gateman to put on the generator (did I mention that the electricity was off?) and amidst the chattering noise of the generator I inserted the disc into the DVD player (I remember the title was Star Wars: Attack of the Cocks) and was watching delightfully and next I knew, I got up, went to make sure the main door was locked, headed to the kitchen to get a bottle (I thought it was nothing compared to the light saber look-alike dildos they were using in the film). Immediately, I got in a very comfortable position on my dad’s favorite couch and began working on my most precious orifice. It felt too good and I went on for over thirty minutes ignoring everything else. I tilted my head backwards with my eyes closed as I climaxed and on opening my eyes (I wish I didn’t) I saw my dad leaning over the couch with his suit hanging from his left arm and ice cream on his right. OOPS!!!


  1. We all know how the story ends: Daddy decided to teach u "some" lesson. This site has some nice news/events updates and real issues/stories but this kind of fake "Hints"-like porn stories could make this site no different a poorly-written soft-sale magazine. You cross the boundaries when u start making fantasies about incest or adultery ("I'm f'ing a married woman").

    • Bia, how do you know it is fake? Were you with this babe when this happened? You are jsut trying to read too much into an article. I will agree that the story is a little on the weird side though but I will not discount it because there are some messed up circumstances in this world …

  2. Nice one but is not good for publication. pls , remember the upcoming generation…wat will happen to them?


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