Mekus Chronicles III


Mekus Chronicles III is back and in the time I have been gone I’ve grown up a bit. My opinion on a number of issues have changed. If you know me, you would know that I like women who look good and are in shape and all that good stuff. When the guys and I go out our attention is on the girl’s figure rather than her personality or character. This makes sense because  men are visual creatures and first impressions  are based on looks Also, these nonsense promoters and club owners make clubs so loud that it is difficult to have a conversation. I met my share of girls  at the clubs or house parties. The attraction is purely physical in the beginning. I can normally tell after the first call or two if we have enough in common to keep on talking. If I think there is a chance I can survive a date with her, I ask her out. . This first date is interesting because I am not really meeting the true person. I am meeting their representative; this Rep is willing to say everything you want to hear and agrees with you when controversial issues are brought up. It is not until few months that their true colors come out.  When I meet a girl  the problem I run into picking a girl based on looks is that most often than not they end up being very shallow.

Let me illustrate this with  a short story.  My guy Bajo met this fine babe named Timi at a house soiree.  Bajo being a man is sprung not because of her intellect or personality but because of the “assets”. Timi is 5’5″, 120 pounds, dark complexion, nice waist and nice rack.  Bajo takes Timi out and Timi is everything he has ever dreamed of.  Timi likewise is feeling my guy because of his boyish good looks and personality. Bajo is very traditional not traditional in  sense of his wife is not his slave but he expects some sort of respect; Timi echoes the same sentiments. During the first couple of months Timi tells Bajo everything he wants to hear and at this point my guy is  head over heels in love . As time goes on Bajo starts to realizes that Timi is not the sharpest pencil in the box,   and housework is not her forte. She was more interested in working out , getting her hair, nails and make up cover girl perfect. Timi is the conceited because she feels she fine pass everyone. She always wants to go show herself off to world. Bajo is fully aware of this but he wants the babe because of her physical attributes. Bajo believes Timi will become more homey and will not be so materialist as the relationship grows. After a year or so of dating, or more accurately  a year of Bajo catering to Timi’s needs, Bajo  decides to propose.

Their wedding is   as extravagant as Timi is; Bajo goes ahead with the plans because he wants to make Wifey happy. They look so happy and ready to live happily ever after. When the honeymoon ends Bajo notices that Timi is lazier than he thought. But he brushes it off as the babe is fine and should not have to work so hard in the house. Bajo also notices that Timi wants it her way or the highway anytime they argue which is much different from her previous stance . Bajo gets to work,  Timi gets pregnant has baby boy. Pregnancy takes a toll on Timi ‘s body and she stops going to the gym. Bajo encourages her  to get back into the gym; he even offers to start going to work out  with her. A year later they have another baby and  things get worse . Timi is in straight “Nigerian women wrapper mode” ,all  the sexiness has now vanished. Timi’s waist has now expanded and she weighs over 180 pounds a couple years after the second baby. Bajo is unhappy with the relationship and decided  he has a to make a decision: does he keep working on the relationship or does he leave and go be happy elsewhere? After a couple years the couple breaks up because of lack of chemistry. If Bajo would have paid more attention to detail and cut things off when he saw problems he would have never married Timi but instead he is a divorced at 29 with two children and baby mama drama

From my perspective fitness is important  but it should not be the sole reason you marry a babe. Gravity is real so that rack that was standing at attention all these years will head south . After she don born two or three pikin for you that waist go expand like River Niger. So all these qualities that attracted you to her are now gone. I am a firm believer in commonality and intellect rather than attraction as a way to match up with a babe. Am 28 years old and I have come to the realization that being hot  is important but it’s not Paramount. I would much rather settle for a 7 with intellect than a 10 with rocks for brains. Sadly most of my male counterparts will disagree. Beauty no dey pass brains and home training. What do you think?

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  1. Its very interesting to read this from a guy and I must say that I am quite impressed!__Marry a girl/guy for the things that will last like character, homeliness, respect, culture, fear of God and good values and morals and not just physical beauty that will fade with time. Thats why a lot of marriages are breaking up in our generation cos they were built on the wrong foundation….

  2. I appreciate your writing this and sharing your thoughts, Emeka. Appearance is deceptive, but I also believe that people show you their true selves. You could choose to believe them, ignore them or believe you can change them. That's all on you. I agree that looks aren't everything and would rather be with a man with whom I can be myself and have a decent conversation. Respect and home training are a big deal for me too. Thanks again, nna. Jisike.

  3. Hmm, mekus has really grown up. Guy abeg collect one small stout and be proud u noticed this well early in life. I have the same sentiments and have told my friends over and again but men will be men. Anyway hope this will now direct ur steps now cos its way better than ur previous posts and am glad I read it.


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