Omoni Oboli Pens Down Her Thoughts About Vacations


She said

My family and I recently took a trip to Dubai and it was a lot of fun! Our hotel was beautiful with a great spa (very important). I totally indulged in the different temperature jacuzzis (except the 18 degrees jacuzzi. I saw no reason why I should freeze myself), the sauna and the steam room. The relaxing and soothing smells in the spa drew me there more than once. I Loved the buffet spread even though I couldn’t indulge like I wanted. Let’s talk about food on holiday! Ehen! There’s always a great temptation to eat and eat when you are on holiday! People even say to you, “don’t worry, eat, you will burn it when you get back home.” I wish it were that easy! The pounds you add, more often than not, don’t just fall off once you get back home. It takes extra discipline and work to shed holiday weight and I really don’t need that extra wahala. That’s why I try my best to eat right and get some exercise in when I’m on vacation. I must admit that I added one or two pounds! Hmmm, it’s got to be those crepes! (Sniff sniff) I ate mostly salads and proteins and a lot of fruits. It’s the late night dinners after going around all day that gets you! I must do better next time, fingers crossed.

All in all, it was a great trip. We’ve been to Dubai a number of times and we got to do different things on this trip, but frankly, I think I’m getting a bit tired of Dubai for now. I would only go back there if business takes me. No more vacations…at least not for now, but never say never, right? I hope you all had a beautiful Easter break.


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