Musician Turned Actress Muma Gee Reveals All About Her marriage To Prince Eke


In a recent chat with Vanguard, Muma Gee who is a Nollywood actress and Musician opened up on how she met her husband who is also a Nollywood actor,Prince Eke .

On how she met her husband

“After the Celebrity edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search, Emeka Ike, who was my best friend during the reality show, was doing a child dedication. I did not know that my husband was one of his best friends that attended the dedication. We met inside the church. Emeka introduced us to each other, and that was how our love story started.
Thereafter, my husband proposed to me the same day I met him. He knelt down to propose to me. Though the ring came much later. But since then, I have remained his faithful wife. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight because there no love in the first place. The love that existed between me and my husband has been that kind of love that grew with time. For me, it was a divine calling to be with him as a wife.
I wouldn’t say he’s lucky, rather he’s a man that came to fulfill God’s plan in my life.

On how her family reacted to her marriage

“They wanted us to go into courtship, but I insisted that I am a born again Christian; that I didn’t want to go into courtship. I wasn’t in a hurry, but I didn’t want to commit any sin at stage of my life. This is because I have cleansed myself.

About Marriage In General

“I hear everyday that marriage is an institution that one never ever graduate. So, I am still learning, It has not been easy, yet it has always been easy and enjoyable too. There are moments when you want to do certain things but you can’t because you are a married woman.

On What Attracted Her To Prince Eke

When he opens his mouth to speak, you have no choice but to listen to him. He sounds like a wise man, and his native intelligence attracted me to him. I inquired about his educational background and he told me that he had a masters in psychology.


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