“Marriage Is Difficult And I Won’t Be Sent To Hell If Am Not married”- Singer Essence Cries


Essence has been in the music industry for quite some time, ventured into movies as of 2014 and have created at least a name for herself in the industry. She is a star of Kennis Music and the melodious voice behind the Popular Super Story programme soundtrack by Wale Adenuga Productions. one disadvantage of being unmarried is the questions you will continue answering as to why there’s no ring on the finger and when it becomes a cliché, you just give the same answer to everyone lol. Check out what she said below

When asked if being single bothered her and why it’s been difficult for her to get married

“It bothers some people. Some think it is destiny. If you can work towards it, fine. It doesn’t just work for everybody. If it happens, fine. If not, fine”

Marriage is difficult. A lot of people in it are not enjoying it. Some are enjoying it. It is not just me.
I wouldn’t be sent to hell if I don’t get married”



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