Dbanj Plans To get Married This Year And Have A Koko Junior


Dbanj in an exclusive interview with NETNG talked about his private life and the pressure on him to get married and start making babies. The Koko master however went further to say that he will likely get married and have a child this year for he had the initial plans last year but his brother Kay-Switch welcomed his daughter and the joy of his niece around made him forget about his proposed plans but his sure that this year he will relentlessly make an effort to seeing to the actualisation of being married and have a Koko Junior lol

In his words

Yes, I was under pressure towards the end of last year to get married, my mum really wanted it.’ 

When asked if he has plans of taking a bride home to his mum this year

‘Well, I don’t know yet but I know that I am intending to do it this year. More importantly for me, I’ve always wanted to have a child, but last year my brother, Kay Switch had a child and it brought so much joy to me. So this year, I’m thinking of settling down to have my own Koko junior soon.’


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