Your Man Might Be Controlling But You Don’t Know It Yet! Here Are Signs Your Man Is Controlling



No woman likes a controlling guy. None ever, and though some might take it as a sign that he cares about you a lot, it is often the first signs of an abusive relationship, and no one wants that. An insult turns to slap, then a punch, then you end up in the hospital or even worse, a coffin.

So we’re here to let you know what to look for to figure out if you man is controlling and has the potential to be abusive. Signs your man is controlling:

He Tells You What to Wear

This might be a very little thing but it’s somewhat of a sign that your man wants to control how you’re presented to the world. When he tells you what you can and cannot wear, or tells you to stop putting on makeup, or do your hair a certain way, that’s a red flag. I’m not talking him suggesting his preference, I mean him pretty much telling you how to look. There’s a difference.


He Wants To Know Where You Are Always

This is another red flag. Asking where you are every single time. Occassionally it’s obviously innocent, but when it gets to a point where he’s almost a GPS tracker of everywhere you go, and how long you’re there for, then there is a serious problem.


Asks You For Proof That You’re Telling The Truth

He never takes your word as the truth. There always has to be proof that you were where you said you were or with who you said you were with. Proof that you’re at home, proof that you’re at work, proof that you’re talking to your mom. If you find yourself constantly trying to prove yourself like you’re in court then you are a prisoner in that man’s prison.


He Asks About Every Male Friend

Yes men like to know some of your male friends, and sometimes it’s just for the assurance, but if every male person you come in contact with has to validated and given a full history of your relationship with that person, then there is a problem. You bump into an old classmate with him and you have to explain how exactly you know him, how long, how well, etc. Brother has some issues.


Calls You Too many Times

I know we ladies complain that sometimes our men don’t call us as much as we’d like, but when he calls all the time, it’s stalkerish and it’s not cute. Calling 10-15 times a day is not a sign of caring, it’s a sign of stalking and wanting to make sure he keeps tabs on you 24/7. And God bless your soul if you don’t answer. You might end up having to explain every second you were not on the phone with him. Not cute.


He Monitors Your Social Media Life

When he’s not calling you 20 times, he has your password to facebook, instagram, twitter and email. If he’s always asking you about who liked your picture, or why you retweeted someone, or liked someone’s status, then it’s a major problem. You shouldn’t live your life feeling like every aspect of you including your social media is being watched and monitored 24/7.


He wont let you out with your friends

If you can’t even get one night with your friends to hang out because he wont let you, then you have a controlling man. The kind of man where you have to ask for permission to go out, and when you do go out he’s coming with you just to make sure you’re not doing anything crazy. And if by a stroke of luck he lets you out, he calls every 30 mins while you’re out with your friends. He’s very insecure and pretty much wants everything to be with him or where he can monitor you.


He wont let you make decisions for yourself

We all need some guidance and help in decision making every now and then. That’s true. But if your man constantly has to be in the center of every decision you make, or has to be consulted for any decision you make, then it’s a red flag. He just wont let you be if you make a decision without his input.




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