Love Today, Hate Tomorrow


Words can not begin to express or buttress the fact that ‘there is a thin line between LOVE and HATE.’ Sometimes people are the architects of their own problems. What baffles me most is how comfortable they feel dragging innocent people into the mess they will create for themselves. If only they actually just believe that the one they love so dearly today and can’t do without, they might feel like stabbing in the future.

Waiting anxiously to be called into the consulting room at the hospital, I see a middle aged man trying to stay as far as possible from a middle aged woman who had a young boy right next to her and leaning on her.

Every nurse and staff of the hospital that passed by us in the waiting room stopped to say hi to the man and the woman and ask how the boy was fairing. At this point it occurred to me they were a couple. I actually found it funny they were staying away from eachother, you know how men can be sometimes, I honestly thought it was one of those moments the Mr was actually dragged to the hospital to know what’s happening with the kid.

I did not fail to notice the way the child looked though, but it all still felt normal. As soon as they were called into the consulting room, the ‘Nigerian nature’ of gossiping as I’ll like to call it in this instance, dives into the nurses and they start ‘gisting’….

Nurse 1: I wonder how the woman feels right now. This is definitely more than she bargained for.

Nurse 2: Which woman? *Hiss* I am more concerned about the poor child. He did not ask for any of this.

Nurse 1: I hope this doesn’t break their marriage o! As this is their only child. If not for the blessings of God on that man where will they be now? Its all just so sad.

(At this point, I am as confused as ever)

Nurse 2: I am sorry but I don’t feel any pain or pity for the parents. They brought this upon themselves and in this day and age?! Ah! Too poor!

Nurse 1: I agree they are wrong but all d same…

Nurse 2: Look, with all the awareness it’s too poor that people as learned as they are, did not bother to run proper blood tests before getting married. What kind of hot love is that? The child is the one now suffering for their own carelessness. Abi Nurse is it easy to be SS?

I instantly became deaf to the rest of their talk, as the last sentence kept reverberating in my head, the keyword in the sentence being ‘SS’ ! How I wanted to drag that woman out of the consulting room and give her a few hot slaps! And probably hold on to that poor fragile boy  as he definitely did not ask to be born in such a condition. His careless mum and dad should be blamed completely for putting him in such a state. If only children had the opportunities to choose their birth condition.

That couple probably ‘loved’ eachother so much all they were concerned about was how to be together. Has it now not turned to hatred today? Hatred has to be the only definition for the way they feel about eachother considering they can’t even bare to be close to themselves. Their carelessness can stand as an excuse for them, but what about people who actually know they are not compatible and still go ahead with ‘the worlds craziest idea’ of getting married as far as I am concerned.

A bunch of sick kids? No thanks, I’ll pass. My kids will be grateful to me, not fall ill everytime and even wish they were not born. I know there is a medical process that checks the status of a baby while the woman is pregnant to know if the child should be kept or taken out. In the real sense couples end up hating and blaming eachother for the pain and it sometimes rubs off on the innocent children.

In my opinion no right thinking woman should agree to that. Infact if any man ever brings the idea up, he DOES NOT love you. There has to be more to the relationship!

By the way, I am not discriminating sicklers I know quite a few and I love them and hold them dear to my heart. That’s why I know even these people do not want to continue to see the occurrence as expressed by the various bodies and organisations that create awareness on the issue.

Run your blood tests today.  Know where you stand.  Create a healthy future for your unborn kids.

Love today, Hate tomorrow.



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