Love, Sex and Physical Abuse Pt. II



“I was on the floor unable to comprehend what just happened. I had been hit in the face by a guy I had given up a lot for. I was unable to understand this disrespect! I was about to get up when he stood over me and he started hitting me again. I was wondering where the nice guy I met had gone to. He slapped, he kicked, he punched and all that was left for me to do was die! When he was done he walked out of the room. For about an hour I was on the floor wondering if I was going to die. I could not even get up to call the police.

I wanted to call my mother so bad but I did not have the guts to. What would I say? After another hour I was able to move. I got to the phone and dialed 911 but I did not press the call button. I started to think of how his life would ruin if I called the police on him. He later came into the room yelling at me and the next thing he threw all my clothes outside. Then he threw me outside. I called my friend to come get me and she did. i was over with this man. Done!

After a couple of weeks, I got my own place. my first visitor was him. He came to beg but when he entered my apartment he was shocked to find another man there (my ex). He started yelling on the guy about how I was his girl.  My ex looked at him like he was crazy. He finally left my house and I cried but my ex comforted me. I was starting to like my ex back but something inside of me kept saying I was wrong not to give my battering boyfriend another chance. I told my ex I was sorry and called my boyfriend up. He came over and he forgave me for my indiscretions. he told me that the only forgiveness he would hear is one whole week of unprotected sex. I was confused but I gave in. This relationship was bound to work right. I told him that my own condition was for him to call the other girl he was seeing up and tell her it was over. He said he would.

After one week I did not hear anything about the girl I asked him if he had told her, he said no. I called her for him and the girl and I got into a heated fight over the phone. My boyfriend got so mad and he walked out of the house.

I called him but for one week he did not return my calls so I went to his house. The girl was the one who opened the door and I was mad. Apparently they had been living together for months. I was mad! My boyfriend kicked me out of his house. I found out the girl was pregnant. Two months later I found out I was pregnant.

I told him and he denied my baby. He said I had been sleeping with the guy he met in my house the other day. I called his sister who happens to be my friend and she hung up on me. I called his mother and she insulted me and called me a prostitute. Then I remembered I was in America. I could have child support cover his ass. when he realized my approach his mother called me to beg on his behalf and i was part of the family now. I feel much better.

I am pregnant for the man I love and part of the family I love. ”

This story was told to me by a friend of mine. When I hear how people insult the men that hit women, I wonder why they allow the women go scott free. If this girl was confident in herself and smart she would not be in such a stupid situation. A man who hits a woman is a weakling but a woman who accepts the beating as love is a fool. STAND YOUR GROUND AND STOP PHYSICAL ABUSE!


  1. She has major issues…. she'll get a reality check when she or/and her child wake up at St Peter's pearly gates. And what kind of an example is she showing her unborn child about how to treat a woman, or if it's is a girl, how to be treated as a woman. she's lucky she only got a pregnancy and none of the other gifts of unprotected sex!

  2. All i can say is, u pple shldnt pray to be in such a situation or anyone in ur family….u can say the gal is a fool and the guy is a weakling but the truth is this issues happen in our daily lives…yeah, the gal stayed cos she said she loves the guy but believe me, she stayed either cos she cldnt think of goin back home to her parents who had warned her about him or cos she was scared of him….watever it maybe, ild advice the gal to move on wit her life and not even let the guy be a part of the child' life cos he knows he has a strong hold on her, so no matter what she wld still keep eating from the palms of his hands as usher says….

  3. this girl is dumb. she ought to be flogged for being so dumb. i'm sure she's not nigerian because nigerian girls are smarter than this one.

  4. Hahahaa…i laugh..unserious woman toh behd. YOU call him to apologize after he beat YOU black and blue, and he says he would only forgive you if you have one WEEK of UNPROTECTED SEX and you, ode, mugu, dodoyo, you agreed.

    Your child doesn't deserve such a stupid mother.


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